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NCT's Mark, Johnny, TEN, and Yangyang join Brooke Reese to talk about their RESONANCE album project on 'The Chart Show'


On December 10, NCT members Mark, Johnny, TEN, and Yangyang joined Brooke Reese on 'The Chart Show' on Apple Music 1 to talk about the tracks from their albums 'RESONANCE pt.1' and 'RESONANCE pt.2' along with the NCT 2020 project.

When talking about "All About You", Mark said "The thing that I liked about "All About You" is that it brought another new form of members, within the 23 members. And I always thought that that was a good idea being able to have my voice be in line with other voices I usually don’t get listened to. It was a refreshing feeling for me as I recorded as well. So I enjoyed recording it and I feel like our fans did too."

Johnny also gave his opinion on the song "Raise The Roof" as he explained, "Raise The Roof,” in my opinion, a very loud song. Really brings the energy level up inside of the whole album and I feel like it was one of the reasons that... it made the base of the song "RESONANCE," the single. The lyrics talk about us spreading, getting bigger, and that’s what the whole album is about. So it really wraps up the whole album, in my opinion. It was one of the hardest songs to record in my opinion, for me, because it has a lot of details inside of the song. Even it just sounds like screaming, we’re not. There is a lot of melodies that go inside." Mark stated he really liked the song as Johhny added, "I don’t know. It’s very difficult but it also very fun and very energetic at the same time. It was a very fun song to record."

The members continued to talk about the project as they explained in detail about 'RESONANCE Pt.2' and how the entire NCT group was able to participate in the album as 23 members were able to break up into unit groups. Johnny went on to explain the composition of the album saying, "In Pt.2, there’s a song called "Raise The Roof” and that it goes off the base of that song with the addition of the all the four different units that came out who performed… three, I mean. So 'Make A Wish,' '90’s Love' and 'Work It'." Mark added, "With the addition of "Raise The Roof” because that comes off from the second part of the album but other than that, it’s actually very, you could feel the massiveness of our team and how vast it seems to have all 23 members of us participating on one song and likewise the performance is that big as well. The music video as well. Visually, putting 23 people aligned in formation, that was so strong. There’s this line that I start by saying "No matter what they say, no matter what they do, we’re gonna resonate, resonate." And that’s when the song begins. But then, the main part of the song was to explain how... we’re still doing us and we’re ready to collapse the entire world."

Mark explained further that the group was able to show many variations of the group as 23 members were able to work together on different songs of different genres and themes. Mark stated, "The entire project started with having four main divisions. Like 'Make A Wish' and 'From Home' first main groups of Pt.1 and RESONANCE Pt.2 had '90’s Love' and 'Work It' as the other main two. So I feel like that created the total of all 23 of us but having different divisions was the main point of this entire album and having different variations within 23 members of us, creating like different divisions were the main part. Even in the B-list tracks of the entire album, there are so many different genres but also it shows the infinite possibilities that we can have as a group of 23 members. So not only were the main songs different but the B-list tracks, it has so many other variations and I think that was the biggest part of the RESONANCE Pt.1 and Pt.2 album."

The boys wrapped up the interview as they each shared what the 'RESONANCE' project meant to them. Johnny explained that the group was able to spread their energy to the fans as that is the meaning of 'Resonance' to him. He explained, "Really, you know how all our concepts are to empathize with our fans and the people, the music. I think what we are trying to do is to spread our music so people can empathize with us and just spread our energy and that’s what the “resonance" kind of means to me. So I think for us like, we just want to show how we can influence all our fans through our music. And through the album, we showed how unique NCT is, how we can do so many concepts in only our group. So I think this is one of the biggest parts." 

TEN summarized by saying "Okay, I'm just gonna make this very simple. For me "resonance" I think NCT, we wanna be loud. We wanna be like so loud that everyone around the world can hear us."

Finally, each member shared their thoughts and what they liked about the NCT 2020 project that the group participated in. Ten and Yangyang mentioned the dynamic between the units and the members while Johnny and Mark didn't forget to mention being connected to fans. TEN elaborated saying, "And I saw the energy within the units - 'Make A Wish' team, '90’s Love' team, 'Work for It' team – are very different from the old NCT project. NCT 2018 project. So new and fans were so excited about the dynamics between the units."

Mark concluded, "Not only that, but bringing the members together also brought the fans together so I feel like the entire energy of the 'RESONANCE'…it kind of brought the entire fandom together as one so I feel like that was really powerful." 

To listen to the full show, visit apple music or click here.

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