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First batch of reactions to SM Entertainment's 'NUGU Celeb' AI voice service featuring Baekhyun, Joy, & Taeyong become a hot topic


SM Entertainment has officially partnered up with SK Telecom to launch the first ever 'NUGU Celeb' AI voice service!

'NUGU' is a home AI companion exclusively distributed by SK Telecom. Now, with 'NUGU Celeb', users can change the setting of their 'NUGU' device to the voice of K-Pop idols!

So far, SME x SK Telecom has pre-released 'NUGU Celeb' versions featuring EXO's Baekhyun, Red Velvet's Joy, and NCT's Taeyong. Some netizens got to become the first consumers to try out the 'NUGU Celeb' service for the first time ever, and shared their firsthand accounts and experiences so far via SNS!

One fan who changed the settings of her AI home device to AI Baekhyun's voice was over the moon when she told the device, "I love you." Baekhyun responded, "That was the first time in a while that my heart raced. I'm really happy to hear that, thank you, and I love you."

AI Baekhyun is equipped with all kinds of comments designed to give fans multiple heart attacks, like, "When you see what kind of friends a person hangs out with, you can really tell what they're like. From now on, I need to do better. Since I'm your friend!"

And if the voice is a little late to answer or if it doesn't catch what you asked exactly, AI Baekhyun will say, "I was too busy thinking about you, so I didn't have a chance to reply. Really!"

In addition, fans can now have AI Taeyong give them the daily weather forecast, and also ask Taeyong to play the song you most recently listened to. For one NCTzen, that song was "Make A Wish (Birthday Song)" of course!

Fans are pretty much freaking out after seeing these firsthand accounts of the 'NUGU Celeb' service. They commented, 

"Please have a Mark-version TT. I think I'll be able to live a better life every day."
"This is crazy! There isn't even an option for my bias available but I still want it!"
"Please do Jaemin's voice too TT. I'll pay you, I'll pay you every month TT."
"I'm gonna die waiting for Kyuhyun."
"Wow... this is the new digital world..."
"OMG why did I change from 'NUGU' to a different home device the other day TT. How can this happen to me TT."
"SM, give us Do Kyung Soo, we're not joking here."
"Baekhyun... I'm gonna buy this ASAP."
"I'm dead... This is daebak."
"Heol, SM is doing something right this time? Please give me Jungwoo asap TT."
"Taemin Taemin Taemin!!! SM please TT."
"Who wouldn't want this?! This is so nice!"
"I need Jung Jaehyun right now. Like. Right. Now."

...and more! Do you want to try SM's new AI celebrity voice service?

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naaali1,490 pts Saturday, December 12, 2020 6
Saturday, December 12, 2020

Am I the only one who finds it a bit creepy? Like idk how to explain it, but it's just weird. I'm a huge fan of my group, but I think this would be crossing a big boundary


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northernlightz409 pts Saturday, December 12, 2020 1
Saturday, December 12, 2020

"That was the first time in a while that my heart raced. I'm really happy to hear that, thank you, and I love you." This is creepy. So SM is making money of fans delusions. This is is going to support lots kfans delusional minds about idols being their boyfriends/girlfriends.


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