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Chinese netizens say they will boycott 'Running Man,' attacking Korean entertainment once again


The Chinese netizens that attacked the idol group BTS by taking issue with the remarks RM made at the 'Van Fleet Awards,' is now taking issue with the Korean entertainment show 'Running Man.'

On December 7th, a series of photos were posted by Chinese netizens on Weibo, the most popular Chinese social media platform similar to Twitter. The Chinese netizens complained that 'Running Man' violated the one principle that China has and posted photos of a board game played by the cast members. The board game is called Blue Marble, similar to the board game Monopoly in which the players can buy land and property in cities around the world.

The Chinese netizens took issue that Taipei, the capital of Taiwan, was given a separate tile from China's Beijing, as these Chinese netizens claim that Taiwan is part of China. There were a series of comments left by Chinese netizens saying they will boycott 'Running Man' along with photos showing that they deleted the show file from their watch list. The abbreviation of the show 'Running Man' trended in sixth place on Weibo as more Chinese netizens commented on the issue.

The Korean entertainment industry has become a target of Chinese netizens this year. In October, BTS was targeted as they received an award for their contributions to South Korean-U.S relations. Chinese netizens took issue with RM's statement of the two nations, saying, "We will always remember the history of pain that our two nations shared together and the sacrifices of the countless men and women." Chinese netizens attacked the group saying BTS did not show respect to the Chinese soldiers killed in the Korean War and the group disrespected the Chinese dignity. 

Last month, there was a flurry of criticism towards BLACKPINK in China over the fact that BLACKPINK members came in contact with pandas without gloves.

Korean netizens have expressed their anger on various online communities about this matter as they commented, "These Chinese netizens are watching 'Running Man' illegally anyway. We don't care if Chinese people don't watch the show," "Yeah, don't watch our show," "Yeah, buzz off," "Don't watch our shows and make a copied 'Running Man' show," "They act like they affect the show by not watching or something, lol" and "Why are they so annoying?"

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Totalitarianism is alive and well in China.. someone please wake up the brainwashed citizens under the totalitarian regime.


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