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Chinese netizens angered over BLACKPINK members coming in close contact with pandas


Chinese netizens are criticizing the global K-pop girl group BLACKPINK.

On November 3rd, BLACKPINK's online show '24/365 with BLACKPINK' shared a preview of the upcoming episode in which the members visited Everland amusement park to meet baby pandas.

In the video clip that was released, the girl group members took care of the pandas while being supervised by zookeepers.

However, Chinese netizens criticized and accused the members of illegally touching the baby pandas without gloves and masks. They also pointed out that the members came into contact with the baby pandas with makeup on. Chinese netizens stated that some baby pandas died due to canine distemper virus transferred from dogs and because the BLACKPINK members own dogs, they believe there is a risk this virus could be transferred to the baby panda.

One news media outlet even posted an article on its official Weibo account with the hashtags 'Korean celebrities come into contact with pandas illegally' and 'Furious: They're hurting the national treasures.'

The Chinese netizen urged not only BLACKPINK to apologize but for the Korean government to also apologize along with the Everland amusement park. They demanded them to immediately apologize for illegally damaging the pandas, which are China's national treasures.

One blog translated the various comments from the Chinese netizens on an online community. They included the Weibo post as well as the Chinese netizens' comments criticizing the Korean girl group.

Chinese Netizen translations from CentKent:

1. State order has prohibited any non-professionals from coming into contact with pandas. In 2015, so many pandas died as a result of canine distemper virus--isn't that a lesson? Do pandas born in South Korea not belong to China...so you can just ignore Chinese regulations? [T/N: look up panda diplomacy--all pandas in foreign countries are technically on loan from China] Not to mention, the girl group members have pets at home. These pets are an important source of canine distemper virus. [怒][怒] These pitiful little creatures that have been borrowed are just being used for labor/this girl group's marketing/sales/points. Ordinarily, they frequently get on the hot search. This time, why aren't they on the hot search? [+85234]

2. Can you sensibly follow celebrities? They indeed touched the pandas. Why are you saying it has nothing to do with them? I'm laughing to death. So when I slap you, I can also say it has nothing to do with me. [太开心] It's true that Blackpink doesn't understand this, and that it's indeed the zookeeper who's most at fault, but if the pandas get sick, then Blackpink cannot act like they have no relationship with it. They indeed touched them. Just because you say they're artists doesn't mean they have special privileges. If they were passerby, would you also say stuff in this way? [偷笑] [+55924]

3. Popular science: Except for panda zookeepers and veterinarians, people who come into close contact with giant pandas may make them sick. The cosmetics used by Korean artists can also irritate giant pandas. And if they have pets at home and still interact with pandas, they may cause the pandas to suffer from the deadly canine distemper virus. Therefore, if you really love giant pandas, please watch them quietly and don't get close to them to interact with them. In the past, some domestic institutions also violated regulations. But in recent years there have been relevant regulations that have prohibited these businesses. [+36402]

Many Korean netizens are baffled at the criticism from Chinese netizens as the girl group was under the zookeepers' supervision. Korean netizens believe that the Chinese netizens are unreasonably attacking Korean celebrities just as BTS's leader RM was attacked for his remark at the Van Fleet award.

Netizens' Comments:

"This is truly ridiculous."

"The Chinese are jealous that the artist of our country is so successful. They attacked BTS, now they're attacking BLACKPINK."

"Why do these Chinese people keep bothering our celebrities?"

"I'm sick and tired of them."

"These Chinese netizens are always so noisy and annoying. I'm so sick and tired of them."

"They are the country that just hides the fact they cause thousands of people to die."

"If it was such a precious national treasure, why did you lend it to so many places?"

"Even if BLACKPINK touched them with gloves on, the Chinese people would have complained they touched them with gloves on. Either way, they're just out to attack Korea."

"I'm so baffled. lol."

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dancingbella232,460 pts Thursday, November 5, 2020 2
Thursday, November 5, 2020

I think at this point, it'd be quicker to write articles about what China is NOT mad about.


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hyuneez117 pts Thursday, November 5, 2020 23
Thursday, November 5, 2020

I'm tired.. I have nothing more to say about China. They seem to be just determined to attack Korea.


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