Posted by olmal Thursday, December 3, 2020

BJ Chul Goo's fans flock to comedian Park Mi Sun's Instagram


The popular Internet personality BJ Chul Goo's fans flocked to comedian Park Mi Sun's Instagram leaving comments attacking her. 

As previously reported, BJ Chul Goo stirred controversy for using the late comedian Park Ji Sun as a withering comeback and subsequently apologizing he originally meant to say Park Mi Sun instead. Park Mi Sun took to her personal Instagram to address her opinions. Then, BJ Chul Goo's fans came for his defense.

They have been leaving the comments such as "I'm disappointed at your response as a public figure..You can't go low just like him? Stating your brain is there for you to think and such. You should have been more careful for those with brain injuries or cognitive disabilities."

To the comment saying "I thought comedians liked making fun of others' appearances? It's funny how the table has turned", Park Mi Sun replied, "I'm never rude to a person I don't know very well." To another comment saying, "Classic case of the pot calling the kettle black", she replied, "Do I seem to have a burnt bottom?"

Another comment says "But he didn't make any derogatory comment? Do you think it's demeaning when you say 'Get lost Park Mi Sun.' to a real Park Mi Sun look-a-like? If so, would you say the same had it been Kim Tae Hee? Isn't this just you projecting your insecurity? You should have actually watched the full stream before you posted. This person has a quite big fandom on the Internet." 

Some of them even left a comment under a different post, saying "Wow now no one can ad-lib on stream about the celebrity. Good job for blowing this up". Park Mi Sun replied, "Say whatever you want in private. No one would say anything?" 

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sejun-the-great2,575 pts Friday, December 4, 2020 6
Friday, December 4, 2020

These "fans" are either extremely stupid incels or just flat out clowns.


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naaali1,431 pts Friday, December 4, 2020 0
Friday, December 4, 2020

Why wouldn't I be surprised ot find out his fanbase is made up of incels and pick me's



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