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A few private elementary schools in Incheon clarify that BJ Chul Goo's daughters have not been accepted to their schools


A few days ago, a popular streamer BJ Chul Goo has been under fire for using the late comedian Park Ji Sun's name as an insult.

The streamer made the situation worse when he said "Oh I mistakenly said Park Ji Sun. I meant to say Park Mi Sun." Many netizens criticized BJ Chul Goo as they pointed out that it was wrong for him to mention any comedian's name to use in a derogatory insult.

Comedian Park Mi Sun even took it to her own social media to call out BJ Chul Goo for his poor excuse and express her anger. 

Since then, there have been reports that BJ Chul Goo's two daughters were accepted into a private elementary school in Incheon. After the news of their acceptance, netizens and parents streamed to the elementary school's social media page to complain and petition against BJ Chul Goo's daughters attending the private school. Some parents even notified the school, they will not let their children attend the same school as the streamer's daughters.

Then on December 7th, some of the prestigious private elementary schools in Incheon began posting official statements on their official social media page. They asked parents and netizens to "Stop making indiscriminate comments of criticisms without confirming the facts."

One private elementary school stated, "There is nothing special about our private school. Any healthy child in Korea can enter after being selected by the lottery system. Just as some netizens have clarified, there aren't any private schools that accept any student just because the parents are willing to pay money."

This private elementary school clarified that BJ Chul Goo's children are not going to attend their school by stating, "It is not true that BJ**'s daughters were admitted to our school. We were surprised that this speculation spread quickly as if it was true and there were many who believed in false information. Therefore, our school decided to post a statement."

Another private elementary school in Incheon also posted their statement clarifying that the famous streamer's children are not attending their private school. They stated in bold letters, "YouTuber **'s child did not get admission into our school."

BJ Chul Goo's wife, WaeJilHye, who is also a streamer revealed on her YouTube channel that she will soon be sending their children to elementary school and revealed they had gotten interviewed to be accepted in private school.

BJ Chul Goo's wife, WaeJilHye said in a video, "there are about five private elementary schools in Incheon, and there are four we can send our kids to because one of them is too far."

She talked about the interview process of being accepted into the private schools and revealed that her children were accepted into one private elementary school through a lot pick. 

WaeJilHye stated, "I called a friend to ask if the school that my daughter was accepted was good and she said it was so I decided to send her there. I don't know if she'll study well there but I want to send her to a good elementary school so my daughter can find what she wants to do."

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Wednesday, December 9, 2020

This is dumb. What did the kids do? Should kids be denied an education because their parent said something stupid?


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Wednesday, December 9, 2020

Knetz calling out someone for doing sth bad by going after his family.....yall are all the same in my eyes...



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