Posted by haydn-an Wednesday, November 11, 2020

Viewers react to AI news anchor delivering the news


Recently, an AI (artificial intelligence) news anchor appeared. MBN began broadcasting internet news hosted by an AI news anchor, Kim Joo Ha. She is actually an AI replica of the actual anchorwoman Kim Joo Ha, as they copied the anchorwoman's gestures and voice. Not only is MBN using AI newscasters, but YTN Plus is also working on developing an AI announcer. KBS is also developing an AI newscaster system in which they can quickly deliver breaking news. 

Some netizens have a positive outlook on the AI newscasters. Netizens commented, "I noticed that the lines and the news content are similar throughout the day except only the newscasters change. At this point, maybe an AI might be better", "Is there a need for actual newscasters? I don't really think there is a need since AI programs might articulate words better than humans", and "I guess it's the flow of the era. Korea sometimes adapts to these things last."

Some netizens even stated that the face of the announcers can be changed with the new AI program. Netizens have commented, "I want to hear the news that's given by Yoo In Na or even IU," and "Now we can see Kim Tae Hee and Son Ye Jin as the announcers?"

However, there are those who claim that AI announcers cannot replace real-life newscasters. Some netizens stated, "Newscasters should have a clear tendency and should be able to express their opinions," citing that newscasters are not just there to share information. 

Some netizens are also afraid that jobs will be replaced by AI. "I'm afraid that the AI system might replace not only the newscasters but the producers, camera directors, coordinators, and writers." Some netizens pointed out, "Now, the newscaster position is out of the market and announcers will first lose their job," "This is bad, now robots will be delivering news instead of actual announcers. Then later, even surgeries will be conducted by AI," and "I'm worried how people will make a living in the future if AI replaces real people."

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zeroli2,370 pts Wednesday, November 11, 2020 1
Wednesday, November 11, 2020

It's the beginning of AI taking over the world, lol

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Lesgetittt344 pts Wednesday, November 11, 2020 1
Wednesday, November 11, 2020

well it’s not any different than an actual news anchor from there since South Korea already has ridiculous beauty standards and they expect people from the entertainment industry to act like robots anyways

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