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Song Min Ho confesses that his insomnia is cured whenever he comes to 'New Journey To The West' recordings


On the November 13 broadcast of tvN's 'New Journey To The West' season 8, WINNER's Song Min Ho puzzled his fellow cast members by confessing that he suffered from insomnia. 

On this episode, all of the 'New Journey To The West' cast members went around to reflect on their individual weaknesses. When Song Min Ho's turn came, he said, "I have insomnia."

In response to this, some of the cast members - especially Kang Ho Dong and Lee Soo Geun - looked at Song Min Ho curiously. Song Min Ho then quickly added on, "But actually, whenever I come to 'New Journey To The West' recordings, it is somehow cured."

The reason that Kang Ho Dong and Lee Soo Geun were so puzzled by Song Min Ho's comment was that on 'New Journey To The West', Song Min Ho tends to sleep very well at night, rooming together with all of his fellow crew members! In fact, Song Min Ho was even labeled the official "sleepy-head" of season 8, as he the members attested that Song Min Ho fell asleep the most during their car rides to and from various locations. Song Min Ho even began dozing off during a recent episode where Kang Ho Dong had to fulfill a mission of carrying out his very own live broadcast!

Song Min Ho admitted, "I don't remember what happened during that live broadcast. I have insomnia, but I also sleep too much. And I also have dreams." 

  1. Kang Ho Dong
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Nana1998584 pts 10 days ago 0
10 days ago

Aaaah so NJTTW cured him XD.

He said a long time ago, he have asomnia.

I'm so happy to see him more rested.

it must have been hard for him



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10 days ago

He probably doesn't have to deal with his regular schedule/stress and super comfortable with members and staff so he's able to relax his mind and sleep well while filming. Whatever is making him anxious isnt around while he is filming.. hope he can figure out what part of his daily life is triggering his insomnia and is able to receive treatment without having to resort to medications. Insomnia can be strange. I suffer from it occasionally and it's just like you cannot make your brain turn off so you can fall asleep. And if you go several days in a row without getting good rest and maybe only napping for 2 to 3 hours you'll become so exhausted that when your brain does finally let you sleep you end up sleeping for like 12 hours.



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