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Netizens wonder why an advertisement erased Kim Yuna's leg muscles


Kim Yuna has become a legend as she gained the title of figure-skating Queen becoming the first female figure skater to break the 200 points mark. She has been loved by the nation of Korea and became the role model for many young girls and boys.

Kim Yuna was known to practice 8 hours a day improving the artistry and technique of figure skating. This is because figure skating itself is an exercise that can never be done without the support of strong physical strength. If an individual, such as a professional athlete exercises often, they will naturally gain muscles.

The same goes for Kim Yuna, who boasts a slimmer figure than any other ordinary person. Her muscles are not overly large but are prominent enough to be seen.

Recently, one netizen made a post on an online community saying that "Kim Yuna's muscles are erased from an advertisement." The netizen made the post express their disappointment that Kim Yuna's muscles that symbolize her hard work were hidden in the photo.

The netizen posted an advertisement photo of a sports brand and compared the photos of Kim Yuna before the edits were made. In the edited photo, her legs are visibly slimmed down removing all her calf muscles.

The netizen who made the post stated, "A figure skater is an athlete as well no matter how thin they are. Therefore, an athlete is bound to have muscles. Kim Yuna is the number 1 athlete in her field of sports so it is natural that she has those muscles. She is still maintaining her figure even after her retirement," and expressed his dissatisfaction with the photo edit.

Netizens who came across the post also agreed and stated, "I think the photo would have been more impactful if they left her muscles", "When I saw the ad, I thought she had fewer muscles than I thought. Now I realize they deleted it" and "I forgot that she was a top athlete. She looks pretty with or without muscles."

One netizen stated, "I think it's more important to have these photos unedited because an athlete is taking photos for a sports brand so why would her muscles be edited out? This shows how fixed the standard of beauty is. It's unfortunate that they didn't leave the photo unedited."

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tqeil1,937 pts Monday, November 30, 2020 0
Monday, November 30, 2020

she’s an athlete, so of course she’ll have muscles. sometimes companies are so stupid



LeLeLeo77 pts Monday, November 30, 2020 0
Monday, November 30, 2020

agrees. its not some makeup brand. its a sports brand. lets be real (to the ones who made the ad)



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