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"Leader of MARKeting" Netizens praise Mark and joke that GOT7 is now managed by 'Mark Entertainment'

International netizens are praising Mark by joking that GOT7 is now being managed by 'Mark Entertainment' as he might have promoted the group's comeback better than JYPE Entertainment.

This started as fans noticed that GOT7's official Instagram account has not posted any content since October 14th, being even more notorious as the group released their first self-produced full album and there was no promotion to be seen.

As contrary to the group's official account, Mark posted almost every single picture, including the countdown to the album release, clips teasing the MV, and even mentioned the group's achievement by creating the hashtag #GOT7_ITUNES_NO1_SONG_AND_ALBUM_MADE_BY_IGOT7.

Fans were happy and thankful to see his support and dedication to the group as they were a little disappointed with the lack of promotions by their company.

Some comments were:

''Mark doing the promo they deserve''

''Thank you for being there with us since 13 hours ago''

''Just today Mark made: 9 Instagram posts and 13 Twitter posts''

''Manager Mark Tuan of Mark Entertainment''

''Mark Tuan deserves a tight hug for promoting GOT7 better than jype&div2''

''The difference between Mark's &GOT7Official's IA is outrageous!''

''Mark is now doing fanbases' job too! He made the hashtag #GOT7_ITUNES_NO1_SONG_AND_ALBUM_MADE_BY_IGOT7''

''Thank you Mark Tuan. You are the best''

''Congrats to GOT7 for being the only Kpop group to be part of Mark Entertainment''

''Mark Tuan the king of promoting and is fanbase now''

''GOT7 is now managed by Mark Entertainment, leader of MARKeting''

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quarkie Allkill VIP 22,712 pts Monday, November 30, 2020 1
Monday, November 30, 2020

I saw him posting last night on Twitter. Bambam too. They deserve this success. A 6 year old group from a so called Big 3 company having to promote themselves is embarrassing.

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notalovelyworld911 pts Monday, November 30, 2020 0
Monday, November 30, 2020

Seriously, it might be a joke for some ahgases but they really did dirty this time

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