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Netizens revisit Lee Jin Hyuk's handwritten letter as it was revealed that he should've debuted in X1 but was a victim of vote manipulation


It was recently revealed that Lee Jin Hyuk was found to be a victim of vote manipulation. It was revealed he was unfairly disqualified from 'Produce X 101' due to producer Ahn Joon Young's ranking manipulation.

The Seoul High Court held the first part of the trial on Mnet's producer Ahn Joon Young and others who were handed over to trial on charges of fraud and other charges in the morning of November 18th.

During the process, the list of the vote manipulation victims of producer Ahn Joon Young's 'Produce' series was revealed. 

It was revealed that Lee Jin Hyuk, who appeared in 'Produce X 101', was disqualified during the fourth round. Originally, he was supposed to come in seventh place and debut with the group 'X1' but was switched out.

Unfortunately, he had to leave the show as he came in eleventh place. 

During the time, Lee Jin Hyuk was seen shedding tears as he was saddened to leave.

What caught the interest and hearts of netizens was when he left a handwritten letter after his elimination. He wrote, "I was really happy. My life that was lonesome became filled with brilliance. I loved the stage and there was not even a speck of lie in my sincerity. It will get more interesting from here. I will put more effort into showing better performances and become the Lee Jin Hyuk, who is acknowledged."

Many netizens are revisiting Lee Jin Hyuk's handwritten letter as the truth behind the vote manipulation was revealed.

Meanwhile, Lee Jin Hyuk returned back to his original group UP10TION after leaving the show.

Since then, he kept an active promotion as a signer and actor, releasing albums with his group and also appearing on the MBC's 'Find Me in Your Memory.' 

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JayJay1262 pts Wednesday, November 18, 2020 0
Wednesday, November 18, 2020

That's terrible. This is how artists are bullied too and lose hope and motivation.



shakennotstirred817 pts Wednesday, November 18, 2020 0
Wednesday, November 18, 2020

But ultimately, I am glad the courts released which trainees were cheated out of the group. It may be uncomfortable for people to know or that old wounds may open up, but I think the victims' names need to be cleared and that they actually won. It maybe bittersweet but I think it is better for everyone to know because it is the truth and it's not just the victims that have the right to know, the voters who put a lot of time, effort, and even paid money to vote for their faves but were cheated as well. I mean this was the reason this was investigated in the first place, it's because the voters demanded it.



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