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Netizens react to rumors that CJ ENM has contacted IZ*ONE members' agencies for potential contract renewal


Back on November 10, one media outlet reported that CJ ENM secretively reached out to the agencies of the current IZ*ONE members some time last month, to begin discussions for a renewal of the group's contract. 

Initially, IZ*ONE's project group contract will come to an end by the end of April, 2021. According to insiders, CJ ENM will be seeking to renew IZ*ONE's contract, while also considering other options including unit promotions.

Earlier this week, CJ ENM curtly addressed media outlets regarding the matter by stating, "We are currently prioritizing IZ*ONE's December comeback. Nothing is confirmed regarding the group's disbandment next April." 

K-netizens are generally reacting negatively to possibility of IZ*ONE continuing their promotions, as many still feel that it is wrong for a group whose members' debuts were entirely rigged from Mnet's 'Produce 48' to promote as if nothing happened. 

Some left comments like:

"Where is your sense of morality??"
"Once again, CJ proves how crazy they are about money."
"The fact that they are parading around smiling and promoting already doesn't make sense, how can you even talk about renewal..."
"If they're just going to ignore everything and act like nothing happened, then why did they disband X1?"
"If there's anything we've learned recently, it's that image is everything for K-Pop idols. But this group... well did they never even had a chance to develop a good image in the first place kekekeke."
"Renewing the contract would just be causing more damages on the victims."
"CJ Trash."
"This is just the same old noise marketing they used for Wanna One. In the end they're just gonna suck the fans dry and then disband right on schedule."
"I can't stand how CJ just hides behind innocent girls who did nothing wrong."
"Can they just stop f***ing around and disband." 

What do you think of CJ's "tactics"?

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NgohiongPuso1,605 pts Wednesday, November 11, 2020 1
Wednesday, November 11, 2020

Now here's a douche article.... Did AKP just hand picked those comments so you can post click and irate some of their fans? I'm pretty sure the fans that made the very popular drowns all those comment. It must be that you're just hand picking them.... Quite clever, aren't you, author of this article?

Also, I'm pretty sure those netizens that reacted like this are misguided X1 fans who thought it was IZ*ONE's fault that they disbanded. I'm going to get downvotes but I don't care because these misguided fans don't seem to see past the individual agencies' ambitions for those X1 members. Once again, it's not the fault of any members... it's a production malice!


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k_kid9,448 pts Wednesday, November 11, 2020 7
Wednesday, November 11, 2020

Difference between X1 and IZONE is that, some of the PDX101's contestants had prior knowledge to choreo's and songs and were at an advantage. Those members were never revealed. While none of the PD48 contestants knew nothing from the start to the end and did nothing wrong. Also, X1 had just started promoting and so it was easier to disband.


I'm also not sure about the comment saying that IZONE's image is bad. They literally had the highest first week album sales until BlackPink broke it recently. Not even Twice broke that record even though they sold more, overall, for More & More.


These are the same people who's been hoping that they disbanded ever since the rigging controversy arose. Of course, they're going to leave more hate comments now. But IZONE has an overwhelming support from fans than those who hate them as with any popular groups.


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