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Posted by Hannah-Lee Friday, November 6, 2020

[INTERVIEW] WEi discusses their debut preparation, favorite foods, and more in exclusive interview


Highly anticipated boy group WEi finally made their debut on October 5 with mini-album ‘Identity: First Sight’ and title track “TWILIGHT.” The group consists of many familiar faces: Rainz Member and ‘Produce 101: Season 2’ contestant Daehyeon, former JBJ member and ‘Produce 101: Season 2’ contestant Donghan, former 1THE9 member and ‘Under 19’ contestant Yongha, former X1 member and ‘Produce X 101’ contestant Yohan, former ‘YG Treasure Box’ and ‘Produce X 101’ contestant Seokhwa, and former 1THE9 member and ‘Under 19’ contestant Junseo.

In celebration of their debut, the WEi members joined allkpop for an exclusive interview. Learn more about WEi’s debut preparation, their favorite foods, and more below!

Allkpop: Congratulations on your debut! Please introduce WEi to fans.

WEi: Our group consists of six members who are all unique and full of individual charms but are able to work harmoniously as a group. We will always show fans something incredible.

Allkpop: All of the members were previous contestants on audition programs, and some have even debuted in the past. How did these experiences help you prepare for your debut as the group WEi?

WEi: Because we have experience with filming and know the best practice strategies, we were able to share tips with each other and prepare for our debut smoothly. Also, our past experiences allowed us to be more precise and detailed in our preparation.

Allkpop: Please share any fun or memorable moments during your debut preparation.

WEi: During our filming, our actual personalities were captured, so fans were able to get a glimpse of the jokes and funny moments we actually experience. All of the moments were memorable and showed our character.

Allkpop: What’s your favorite food and why?

Daehyeon: “Ice cream and meat. I normally like to snack, so I love to eat ice cream while watching a movie or surfing Youtube. As for meat, there’s no reason — meat is always delicious!”

Donghan: “I like the juice that oozes out from meat.”

Yongha: “My favorite is ramen!”

Yohan: “Meat — it’s just too delicious!”

Seokhwa: “Maratang! After I tried it once, I couldn't stop eating it.”

Junseo: “When I eat beef, or any type of meat, a smile naturally appears on my face and I become happy.”

Allkpop: What’s a hobby you’ve been enjoying recently?

Daehyeon: “Shopping, chatting with other people, watching videos, and meeting friends. I like these particular activities because I can focus on all of these things without having to think too much.”

Donghan: “I like to watch movies, dramas, and variety shows. When I watch funny videos, I become happy.”

Yongha: “Puzzles! Matching each piece together is so much fun.”

Yohan: “I haven’t found a hobby yet.”

Seokhwa: “My recent hobby is turning on the electric heating mat and becoming one with my blankets. Winter is coming, so I love the warmth.”

Junseo: “Exercise! It makes me proud to see my physique improving.”

Allkpop: What’s one song that’s been on your playlist?

Daehyeon: Nell’s “Time Walking on Memory.” The song matches perfectly with the weather these days and makes my heart feel warm.”

Donghan: SSAK3’s “Beach Again.” Although I didn’t live in that era, listening to the song stirs up my emotions.

Yongha: SBGB’s “Card Captor Sakura. This is a song that sparks a lot of old memories for me.”

Yohan: Pentagon’s “Daisy.” The song is just really good.

Seokhwa: Dawn’s “DAWNDIDIDAWN.” As soon as I heard it, I felt that it was a charismatic song with an addictive melody.

Junseo: SEVENTEEN’s “Thanks.” This is a song I’ve enjoyed listening to in the past. I chose it because I recently started listening to it again and it brings back memories.

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