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Former YG Entertainment CEO Yang Hyun Suk fined for gambling charges


Former YG Entertainment CEO and founder Yang Hyun Suk ended up with a 15 million Won (about $13,585 USD) fine for gambling charges.

Yang Hyun Suk admitted to all charges of his illegal overseas gambling during his first court hearing, and on November 27th, the Seoul Western District Court held his third hearing. As previously reported, Yang Hyun Suk is undergoing trial for gambling in Las Vegas 7 times between July of 2015 and January of 2019 with a total of $335,460 USD.

At his third trial, the judge sentenced 15 million Won fine for Yang Hyun Suk, YGX joint representatives Kim and Lee, and 10 million Won fine for Keum. It was stated that the judge has confirmed the sentence based on the grounds "The defendants are reflecting on their actions and they do not have previous gambling convictions"

Previously, the prosecution requested a fine of 10 million Won for Yang Hyun Suk on the grounds that he lacks previous gambling offenses as well as the number of times and individual amount spent on gambling. 

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truthhurts123607 pts Friday, November 27, 2020 0
Friday, November 27, 2020

While I still believe it to be nonsensical, considering everything else that goes on in SK (the world in general), the law is the law. And everyone involved are fully grown adults that know the law. (They should make pushes to change/amend the law first in my opinion) . However, though I think a warning shouldve sufficed. In the first case of SES Shoo as well, I just find the amount to be amusing.

As previously reported, Yang Hyun Suk is undergoing trial for gambling in Las Vegas 7 times between July of 2015 and January of 2019 with a total of $335,460 USD.

The prosecution dragged this case out only for him to be charged $15 million won. And while that is no small amount to an ordinary individual. That is the equivalent of about $13.5 thousand dollars. When you look at the amount in question, it is just amusing. They couldve just left that alone lol.

Though you should definitely abide the law, I just hate that people are demonizing him on this. As well as SES Shoo. I am not even mentioning anything else that people are under the impression of with no definite proof, there are also people literally just mentioning this alone as a reason.



loveee.b1,043 pts Friday, November 27, 2020 1
Friday, November 27, 2020
It sucks for so all Koreans that they can't gamble in any legal country that says you can because they have a law that says gambling is illegal. Imagine going to Vegas and not gamble. Like what is the point of going? Out of all the things he's been accused of, it's just fascinating he got caught on this charge. We will never know if he's guilty for the other charges he's been accused of. And people should relax about going off at someone that gambles. It's fun for a brief moment until it becomes an addiction. Once it becomes a problem, don't hate on the individual for having an addiction. Provide support like you would to any addict.

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