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The unofficial stage name Japanese fans gave BTS's V because 'V' is difficult to pronounce in Japanese


It looks like BTS's V goes by another stage name(?) in Japan!

According to Korean ARMYs, the name 'V' is difficult to pronounce in Japanese, and so many Japanese fans prefer to call V by his nickname. 

One of V's most well-known nicknames is 'TaeTae', since V's real name is Kim Tae Hyung. TaeTae is a nickname he's had since his high school days.

And particularly among Japanese fans, the BTS member is almost always referred to as TaeTae!

Japanese star Takeuchi Ryoma asks a staff member, "Who is the member with the blue hair?". The staff member answers, "TaeTae." 

During a Japanese variety show, the ladies below talk about their favorite K-Pop idol groups:

A: "Do you like K-Pop? Which group do you like?"

B: "BTS."

A: "Who do you like [in BTS]?"

B: "TaeTae."

A: "I like him a lot too!"

When Park Bo Gum mentioned BTS's V during his Japanese fan meeting:

MC: "Have you let other people listen to this song before? Like any friends?"

Park Bo Gum: "My friend, yes. My cute friend..."

Fans: "TaeTae?"

Park Bo Gum: "How did you know? Yes, my friend TaeTae."

A young ARMY during an interview:

"I got to see TaeTae and Namjoon in person!"

BTS's V makes an unexpected appearance during a Japanese reality show:

Question: "What is your wife's favorite thing?"

Wife: "Bread."

Husband: "BTS's TaeTae."

In a description of the cast members of the KBS drama 'Hwarang', one Japanese streaming platform listed:

"V(TaeTae) of BTS."

What other unofficial stage names are used by fans around the world to refer to the BTS members?

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Japan can call Taehyungie anything they want. Teteland deserves all the rights!



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22 days ago

the sound v kind of doesn't exist in some asian languages so that's probably why. The closest it will sound is a 'b' sound


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