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Memorable Moments from EXO Chen's Career

EXO’s resident high note main vocalist, Chen, recently turned 28-years-old. As a belated birthday celebration, here are eight of EXO-L’s favorite moments from Chen’s eight-year career!

Chen and Baekhyun on Immortal Song

When Chen and Baekhyun appeared on Immortal Song in 2013 as rookie idol singers, people may not have expected much from their performance, but were quickly blown away by Chen and Baekhyun’s incredible vocal control and skills. In conjunction with the brilliant live orchestral accompaniment, the audience members were completely shocked and teary-eyed by their amazing vocals. The EXO members watching backstage were also speechless and filled with pride at their performance!

It’s no wonder why Chen and Baekhyun have amazing chemistry, both when teasing the other members as part of the beagle line, as well as when they’re harmonizing on stage!

Chen on EXO Showtime

Before EXO’s Ladder came EXO’s first reality show filmed in 2014. EXO-Ls who have binge-watched EXO Showtime all remember this iconic moment when the barbeque he was painstakingly grilling flew off the table on to the ground. His expression was completely priceless and captured how hopeless the moment must have felt, especially since he took on the role of feeding the members, who were eagerly waiting for food inside the dorm.

Another time Chen showed his caring nature on EXO Showtime was during the Haunted House episode, where Chen famously was the only member who distributed hand warmer packs to the actors dressed up as ghosts and wished for them to stay healthy.

Chen, you’re such a heartwarming guy!

High Note Battles

Known for his incredibly stable high notes, Chen has partaken in his fair share of high note battles over the eight years of his career. It seems like EXO’s first unit, EXO-CBX, could have been born from this high note battle on Weekly Idol!

According to Chen, high notes are his pride, and he doesn’t hesitate to show off his skills that he worked hard for!

At the same time, just because he is EXO’s resident vocalist, Chen’s aptitude for rap shouldn’t be overlooked! Check out this rap battle from EXO Showtime in which vocalists took on the rap parts for “Wolf” while the rappers gave their judgments!

19+ Thoughts

Chen is known as one of the most savage members of EXO, and he doesn’t hesitate to speak his mind. One instance of this was during an interview, where he was asked to explain the composition of his thoughts. 

Chen bravely explained that though he was focusing on his career, there was a tiny section of his brain devoted to 19+ thoughts and that it was nothing to be ashamed of. He smiled at the camera, and this moment became a well-referenced meme among EXO-Ls!

King of Masked Singer

Chen doesn’t often participate in variety shows or make appearances on his own, but when he does, it is normally to showcase his amazing singing talent. When Chen appeared on King of Masked Singer, his performance of “Drunken Truth” left the audience and judges in tears at his emotional singing and talent.

Chen may be famous for his high notes, but his performance on King of Masked Singer proved his wide vocal range and featured amazing low notes as well.

Some of the judges guessed that he was an Infinite or BEAST member, and were sure that he was an idol. When he finally took off the mask, he revealed himself as the one in charge of thunder, EXO’s Chen!

OST King

Throughout his career, Chen has participated in OSTs for many popular dramas, and he is known as one of the great OST Kings who always gets invitations to sing in musicals and soundtracks time and time again. Some of the most famous dramas he has sung for include “100 Day Prince,” starring co-member, D.O, “It’s Okay, That’s Love,” and “Descendants of the Sun.”

Recently, Chen has partaken in the OST for “I Like Brahms,” a romance drama about students studying classical music at a prestigious institution.

April, and a Flower

In April of 2019, Chen finally released a long-awaited solo album, titled, “April, and a Flower,” featuring his powerful yet soft vocals.

Some fans have speculated that the title of, “April, and a Flower” may have been inspired by the birth of his daughter, and was also an homage to EXO’s debut anniversary of April 8, 2012.

Chen's New Family

Though Chen may have been the recipient of harsh comments and negative controversy as the first EXO member to get married and start a family, loyal EXO-Ls have expressed that his marriage is no reason to force him out of the group and that EXO would not be the same without him. It is important for fans to understand that their idols are humans who are deserving of love as well, and to normalize idols dating and having families of their own.

Chen, we hope you and your new family are doing well!

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Thursday, October 1, 2020

now this a damn good article. also exo showtime is so iconic and im not even a huge exo fan

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Thursday, October 1, 2020

Iconic. Always wish the best for chen.

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