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Korean streamer faces a dangerous situation when he went to film the massive fire in Ulsan


A streamer almost got caught in the fire when he ran to the massive fire site that occurred at a residential apartment complex in Ulsan.

On October 8, a 33-floor residential apartment complex was consumed by the fire until the fire was put under control after 15 hours. The building was completely ablaze, but there were only a few casualties.

When the incident occurred, an Afreeca TV streamer named BJ Wani ran to the site to capture the fire through his camera. When he approached the building, a large flaming flame fell from the apartment and flew in front of the streamer. Luckily, the streamer was not harmed, but this could have led to a major accident.

The streamer went to the site on October 9, when the fire extinguishing work was underway. The streamer heard the news of the major fire that broke out in the middle of the city and ran to the scene right away.


He spent around four hours walking around the burning building's vicinity but did not walk too close to the area. The fierce flames engulfed the building as the acrid smoke spread across the whole sky.

During that moment, a dangerous happening occurred. A piece from the burning building detached and flew right in front of the streamer. The burning object smashed into the car parked at the sidewalk and shattered into smaller flames. The streamer suspected the burning object to be a piece of the exterior wall, either a tile or glass.

On the night of the fire, there were heavy winds that blew pieces of the burning building across the apartment complex's vicinity.

Fortunately, the streamer was not hurt at all. However, the viewers watching his live stream watched in fear for the streamer's life.

The viewers commented, "It would have been bad if you were hit by that piece," "You were so lucky," and "God helped you out."

Meanwhile, the massive fire occurred on October 8 at around 11 PM, and firefighters had to continue throughout the night to rescue the residents and put out the fire.

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Friday, October 9, 2020

That's what you get when all you want is views.



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Friday, October 9, 2020

That video clip is insane. Definitely a large flaming flame.



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