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Famous food researcher and YouTuber GabieKook apologizes for holding birthday party during required self-quarantine period


GabieKook, a famous food researcher on YouTube, has apologized for a video she had recently uploaded.

On October 10, GabieKook uploaded a video which enraged many Korean netizens. In the video, GabieKook was seen holding a birthday party at her home with her husband, the YouTuber Korean Englishman. In the presence of their friends, GabieKook took off her mask while blowing her candles and tried on a new lipstick that was gifted. 

The cause of the outrage was that GabieKook held this gathering during a required self-quarantine period. By law, she had to follow the protocols by maintaining a strict quarantine period since returning to Korea from the United Kingdom.

When the netizens expressed their disapproval, GabieKook deleted the video and posted an apology. 

She wrote

"After posting this community post yesterday, I have read all the comments one by one. I am ashamed and disappointed in myself for being so careless.

Not only I was careless with the quarantine rules but I instead of properly apologizing I tried to explain myself. I am aware this has caused disappointment and anger. I am truly sorry for this, especially to those who have trusted me. I have been warned that what I had initially written may have negative repercussions for the key workers that I mentioned in the post. This is the last thing that I want to happen, so I have edited this post to apologize.

My apology doesn't change the fact that what I did was wrong. I have no excuse for my actions, it was my own fault. I am aware of the heavy responsibility I carry with this channel, and I have received your criticisms and your disappointment, and I will strive to be more responsible with my actions.

After I'm done with quarantine I will take every care to strictly follow the protocols. Meanwhile I will pause my filming and content creating in Korea as we planned to reflect on this and do all that I can to learn to be more responsible.

Lastly, I apologize once again to all the key workers who are working tirelessly to fight against covid, and to all of you who are taking this seriously and working together to stop the spread. You all have my utmost respect and I am deeply sorry

Although the YouTuber clarified that she tried to follow the regulations without breaking the self-quarantine law, her written apology was still met with doubtful reactions from netizens.

Some netizen comments include:

"Most people can't even say goodbye to their loved ones because of this self-quarantine period and I can't believe you uploaded a video holding a b-day party, no matter big or small."

"I guess she knows what she did wrong and apologized...it was still uncomfortable though"

"There's a reason why there's a strict regulation in Korea regarding the quarantine...as a public celebrity one should always be even more careful..."

What do you think of this issue?

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BTSBlackStarV169 pts Sunday, October 11, 2020 2
Sunday, October 11, 2020

Pretty surprising to see this from Gabbie! I thought she and Josh would be more careful when it comes to such serious matters


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Siri1236,194 pts Sunday, October 11, 2020 5
Sunday, October 11, 2020

I'm really surprised that Josh was okay with this. Cause from the KoreanEnglishman videos, I saw how careful he and Ollie were being. Kinda dissapointed in Gabie and Josh. I hope something like this won't happen again.


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