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The CEO of Mystic Story talks about plans to debut a girl idol group with a concept that isn't uncomfortable for women


Cho Young Chul, the CEO of Mystic Story, has lived by the phrase, "Content with a good storyline will last" as he stepped into the entertainment industry. This is another reason Mystic Story was able to grow in the industry.

Mystic Story was formerly known as Mystic Entertainment and was known as "Singer-songwriter Yoon Jong Shin's agency". It started out as a small record label for singers but now it has established itself as a comprehensive content company. At the center of it all is CEO Cho Young Chul, who is shrewd in discovering content regardless of the field or genre.

CEO Cho joined Mystic Story back in 2014 and took office as the CEO in 2016. It was Yoon Jong Shin who recruited Cho Young Chul to the company for his quick wits and sensibility. Cho Young Chul was the head producer at Loen Entertainment and produced hit records for IU, Ga In, and the Brown Eyed Girls. Yoon Jong Shin proposed to create something fun together. 

Since then, Cho Young Chul's intuition on creativity has not yet changed. Mystic Story has now become the powerhouse for content creation as it is recognized both by the industry and the general public. 

How did you join Mystic Story?

Producer Yoon Jong Shin came to me in 2013 and said "Let's create fun content together." Yoon Jong Shin was the head of the music label 'Mystic89'. When I joined, I took charge of 'APOP' music label. Then 'Mystic Actors' joined the label forming the Mystic Entertainment.

You were a producer. Did you feel overwhelmed to take the position of CEO?

I'm still a producer and a content planner. Except, now I think about what it means to manage a company. I realized it's not easy to dream of the best situation but still prepare for the worst situation. There are risks involved when trying to accomplish dreams but I can't be bold when I think about the risks. I feel the responsibility of the livelihood of the artists and the employees at the company now. I dream of one day just becoming a producer or a content planner. (Laughs).

What kind of person is CEO Cho Young Chul?

I think an open-minded loner? (laughs) I don't really have a network or a huge net of personal relationships. I enjoy time by myself, drinking alone at times. I think this is the personality I was born with but I'm not uncomfortable. I can join social events when needed too.

What do you focus on when starting a project?

I try anything that seems fun. I'm not the type of person who starts a project after planning meticulously. I jump into projects without fear even if there isn't much infrastructure. I think I feel less overwhelmed that way. Even the show 'Ask Anything', we first filmed a few episodes then proposed it to KBS Joy. It was the same way with the series 'Persona'. I saw that 'Persona' came in sixth place on Netflix, although I think IU helped a lot.

What kind of artist is IU from your point of view?

I worked on IU's album at Loen Entertainment from 2010 to 2014 summer. I saw her for the first time when she was in Junior High School. I felt she was much mature than other kids her age. She wasn't shy to speak her opinion even in front of the executives of the company. When we were doing a test recording for her album, I fell in love. She's smart and has the potential to become a boss. She's very kind to her staff members. There's a reason the staff work with her for a long time.

Is there an artist you want to work with or produce for?

I wanted to work with singer Uhm Jung Hwa but I achieved that dream in 2016. She was always like a star to be. Ultimately, I was able to create an album she was proud of. These days I want to work with the singer Bibi. I first saw her at an audition program, and she has a great sense of expression and amazing energy. She's already part of another agency but I want to work with her in the future.

You're preparing a girl group? Can you introduce us in detail?

It's still in the stages of preparation. Their name or debut song has not yet been decided but we plan to do a concept that isn't uncomfortable for women. I don't want to do a concept that emphasizes sexiness or cuteness. I think if I were to explain in terms of colors, maybe a blue/ violet color concept. The debut is planned for early next year.

What is the goal of Mystic Story?

If the contents we're creating radiates a consistent color, then it becomes a brand. Eventually, it would become a platform I believe. People usually seek good content regardless of the platform. One of our goals is to make a brand of our own and create our own platform to display our content. I want to keep my original intentions of doing something fun rather than setting a long term goal. I entered the company with that heart and it stands unchanging. I want to make a company that's free enough within the large frame of order. I hope that the identity of Mystic Story doesn't change as it grows in size.

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I really like what I've read here, I wish him the best and hopefully Mystic Rookies will have a successful debut.



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This concept sounds intriguing. I look forward to their debut!



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