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One 9-Year-Old Boy’s Letter To BTS’s V Will Make You Feel Things


BTS is changing lives
A boy wrote a letter to BTS‘s V, thanking the K-Pop idol for helping him make friends, and the internet can’t quite deal with the cuteness!
In the letter, addressed to Taehyung Hyung(), the boy introduced himself as nine-year-old Yoon Ji Hoo.
Yoon Ji Hoo explained why he decided to write the letter to V. Before Yoon Ji Hoo knew about BTS, he did not get along with friends at school.He found out about the boy group BTS with his mom’s recommendation. Since then, Yoon Ji Hoo has been a fan! The boy thanked BTS and V for getting him through the difficult days and helping him make friends at school.On the side, Yoon Ji Hoo adds,“I wish Tata will smile.”
When a picture of this most adorable fan letter went viral online, BTS fans couldn’t help but smile. Everyone is now hoping sincerely that the letter finds its way to V!

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Very sweet, glad he has very good role models in V and the members. This is the kind of letters people should send/show to bts not that weird letter of that 15 year old female professing her love for V that was floating around a bit on insta, twitter and weverse. Also the kid made this letter 2+ years ago https://www.koreaboo.com/stori...



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26 days ago

Me writing my version of this touching fan letter to Chani:

Dear Chani,

Hi my name is Elise Montgomery, and I am 22 years old. I'm your fan. I like the other SF9 members too, but I like you the most.

I used to be annoyed all the time and I hated everything I because I thought it was all ugly. All day long everything was ugly - ugly food, ugly songs, ugly clothes, ugly boybands with ugly songs which they danced to with ugly choreography. T_T It really hurt so much.

Sometimes I would just sit by myself in the dark and think miserably about how I wished to see beautiful things but I never ever could. Each day was so difficult in a world filled with disappointing and soul-wrenching ugliness.

Then one day Youtube suggested SF9 and I tried it. My heart, ears and eyes rejoiced. Finally I could see and hear beautiful and impressive things like I always wanted. The sight of your wonderful existence filled my empty resentful heart with joy. What a glorious visage you are, truly worthy of any eyes! What a fantastic and soothing voice! What powerful yet elegant choreography. I became a less annoyed person. Finally, I had become complete.

Thank you so much for being so cute and relieving my constant frustration with a life I thought was far too dull and ugly. My fingers hurt now, I will write again later. I love you. Goodbye



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