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Former EXO member Tao's father passes away at age 52


Former EXO member Tao's father has passed away.

On September 11, reports revealed Tao's father had passed away at the age of 52. His label L.TAO Entertainment stated, "L.TAO Entertainment delivers the unfortunate news that Director Huang Zhong Dong has passed on the 11th of September at 52 years of age."

It was announced he passed due to illness on Chinese social media platform Weibo, but no details were revealed. The label continued, "Even while he was struggling with illness, he remained encouraging of all his friends and family, and he tried his best to continue his duties, positively moving forward. We are in pain over his passing."

Condolences to Tao and his family.

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daesunglovesme435 pts Friday, September 11, 2020 4
Friday, September 11, 2020

I remember when Tao left EXO. I remember him saying it was his dad’s decision because he couldn’t stand seeing his son suffer while he was injured and continuously promoting. I had a lot of respect for a father who could make a decision like that and take the blame as much as he did in the beginning.


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ice_ghost128 pts Friday, September 11, 2020 0
Friday, September 11, 2020

I am so sorry for his loss. I lost my mother back in March this year, and she was not just my mother, but my best friends as well. Not even six months have gone by yet, and I'm still grieving every day. Losing your parent whom you're extremely close to can be the worst nightmare for you. Mine became a reality this year.

Losing a parent destroys you. It's like your soul is ripped into pieces. It hurts. It's pure pain, pain like you've never felt before. Being cut with a knife all over your body would feel better compared to the pain of losing someone you love that much.

But I'm surviving it. And so will Zitao. He is stronger than me in hundreds of ways. I've been a fan of him and EXO since a few months after their debut, and have followed them ever since. So I know the hardships Zitao and the other members have gone through.

But losing someone you love, someone you can never get back, is going to be hell. It's like climbing a mountain without a top, without security gear, without a soft object to fall onto if you lose your grip along the way. But there will be people to support you. Cheer for you, constantly tell you to keep going, and if you need a break, take it.

We all have to lose someone at some point, so we will all have to go through the hell Zitao is having to go through from today. Some of us have already tried it, and we will be having his back through it all.

May Mr. Huang rest in peace, and may Zitao find his peace, light and courage after this tragedy.



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