Posted by Germaine-Jay Friday, September 11, 2020

Choiza hit with backlash after Sulli's documentary, producer responds


Choiza has been hit with backlash after Sulli's documentary, 'Why Did Sulli Bother You?' on MBC's 'DocuPlex'.

Since the documentary aired on September 10, Choiza has been on the receiving end of criticism about his relationship with Sulli and his speculated effect on her mental health. The Dynamic Duo member, who was 13 years Sulli's senior, received malicious comments after her death, and her mother's statements on the documentary have fueled the fire once again.

Late idol star Sulli's mother appeared on the show and revealed her relationship with her daughter became strained after Choiza entered the picture. Sulli's mother further expressed she was against her daughter dating the Dynamic Duo member and that Sulli's behavior changed immediately after meeting him.

On the criticism towards Choiza, documentary producer Lee Mo Hyun stated, "We did not intend for that at all. It was the response we were most concerned about. To put it simply, a single man and woman dated and then broke up. From her mother's perspective, Sulli was very loving towards her mother, and then she became an adult at 20 and gained independence in her dating life and in terms of finances, becoming less close to her family. From her mother's perspective, they grew apart... He is not to be blamed either. As you saw in her diary, Sulli was psychologically stable and her self-esteem was higher than ever when she dated Choiza. She was happier than ever. Who's at fault when there's a breakup? It was unintended and heartbreaking. I think Choiza is also a victim."

On September 11, Choiza's fellow Dynamic Duo member Gaeko also commented on social media, "If this was made for the best viewer ratings, then I'm incredibly disappointed and angry," which many are assuming is about Sulli's documentary.

What are your thoughts on the issue?

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trogdorthe8th12,362 pts Friday, September 11, 2020 8
Friday, September 11, 2020

It was clearly made for ratings. They knew how people would react, even when she passed away there were abhorrent individuals blaming him online. The mother knew what she was doing as well, and while I'm not saying she was putting the full blame on him, it definitely sounds like she has some misplaced guilt about the situation. The fact that ALL of them, including her mother and production, were aware of Sulli's sensitive nature against the harsh criticism of netizens yet still chose to bring him up in that manner with this knowledge shows they either knew what they were doing or were uncaring of the consequences. This is just sick, I'm no fan of the guy as I don't know his work but people need to back the hell off of him. The sad thing is if he wanted to he could technically come after them for defamation, but that would only bring more negative focus to him. So it's a lose-lose situation no matter what he does.

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ImmaculateLoser877 pts Friday, September 11, 2020 3
Friday, September 11, 2020

The producer is full of it, because he knew exactly what kind of reaction this would get. This situation is still way to fresh and painful for everyone involved, and i don’t really see the point of airing this documentary right now. If they wanted to honor her, and bring awareness to mental health, this wasn’t the way. Sulli’s family has every right to their opinions/feelings, but only two people were actually in the relationship. Trying to criticize her life, and decisions only takes away from her legacy.

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