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YG Entertainment's stocks a "recommended buy" with Big Bang, BLACKPINK, and TREASURE to promote next year


Many netizens anticipate the future promotions of BLACKPINK and TREASURE and expect an increase in both groups' popularity. Expectations are also growing for the increase in YG Entertainment's share price next year as BLACKPINK and TREASURE expand their promotions.

On August 13th, KTB Investment & Securities maintained its investment opinion and raised the target share price of YG entertainment from 40,000 KRW (33.73 USD) to 54,000 KRW (45.54 USD) stating that the company will establish a strong lineup starting next year.

YG Entertainment recorded 55.2 billion KRW (~46,577,760 USD) in sales and 1.8 billion KRW (~1,518,840 USD) in operating profit in the second quarter of this year. The figure was down 27.1 percent and 10.6 percent, respectively, from the same period last year. Net profit turned into a surplus of 7.5 billion KRW (~6,328,500 USD).

Nam Hyo Ji, a researcher at KTB Investment & Securities stated "There is a surplus balance from BLACKPINK's Japan tour during the 1st and 4th quarters and profit performance was better than expected due to the strong YG PLUS golf business. Approximately 5.6 billion KRW had been added as a profit as well."

They expect the yearly performance to increase this year because BLACKPINK and TREASURE will be promoting at the same time. Researcher Nam Hyo Ji stated, "YG Entertainment will have a good performance result because BLACKPINK and TREASURE will be actively promoting at the same time. Assuming that the artist lineup to perform will expand to BLACKPINK, TREASURE, and Big Bang, also the concert tours that will resume, we expect YG Entertainment will be able to achieve a high-profit growth. Also, BLACKPINK and TREASURE are expected to record large album sales with their comeback and debut."

The researcher continued to state, "BLACKPINK's album that was released on June 26th sold 300,000 copies. We also expect a total of 1.05 million copies to be sold of the single that is releasing on August 28th and the album that will release on October 2nd. They already broke their personal record for the largest sales from the pre-orders of their album."

He also stated, "All concert-related profits have been omitted so far but we expect to add them back for the 4th quarter of this year. We expect tours to resume during the 2nd quarter of next year. Recently, other agencies have been actively conducting online concerts and if YG Entertainment conducts online concerts, there will be a rise in the global popularity of the YG artists and increase the chances of the company's success."

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margana2,076 pts Thursday, August 13, 2020 0
Thursday, August 13, 2020

...and haters said that YGE was dead. Lmao.



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Thursday, August 13, 2020

Not surprised. They're on a roll this year. Good job new CEO!



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