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Former PRISTIN member Kyla declares that she will be leaving Twitter after clarifying all the dating rumors including SEVENTEEN and PRISTIN


Recently, former PRISTIN member Kyla took to her social media account on Twitter to explain all the recent rumors.

Several fans "exposed" Kyla for the alleged things she said about her former PRISTIN members and her experiences as an idol.

It began after Yaebin's N-word issue was being noticed on Twitter. After this, Kyla randomly tweeted that "karma is a b*tch," which upset some fans that she would refer to a topic like racism as karma or humorous. This led to a fan saying they had information that could "lead to the corruption of PRISTIN" and Kyla replied that the group was already corrupted and encouraged the fan to share the information.

What followed was several hours of alleged information being leaked that was shared by Kyla and her brother from a few years ago in Snapchat and discord chat. Some of the alleged things that were said included several PRISTIN members being in relationships including Eunwoo dating Haknyeon from The Boyz, Hyunbin from JBJ, and a Wanna One member. Additionally, that Kyulkyung was dating Woozi from Seventeen.

After the issue grew, Kyla stated that all the dating rumors she was alleged to have said were all false and she did not make those statements. She stated that those accusations have been created by false accounts that impersonated her.

She also explained that she had left to the states to recover from the concussion that she received while promoting. She stated the doctor advised her to fully recover before returning to promote and PRISTIN disbanded while she was in the states.

Lastly, she explained the controversy over being transphobic. She stated that she is pro-LGBTQ+ and that the misunderstanding arose on the discord channel among the moderators. She apologized in their place and claimed that she will be leaving Twitter.

Here is her full statement:

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nina97x7,529 pts Thursday, August 13, 2020 1
Thursday, August 13, 2020

When you don’t want to be sued for libel and defamation, “I was hacked”


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kagayakugucci6,108 pts Thursday, August 13, 2020 4
Thursday, August 13, 2020

The people who revealed this also said that she claimed that 2 members of Pristin and Momoland Nancy were fatphobic towards her, but that 3 other Pristin members were really nice. She also outed a gay idol and defended it by saying that it was known in the industry. About dating, she said that Wonwoo has been dating the same girl since before he even debuted. Keep in mind though that all this information is 3 years old, so probably most of these relationships have ended by now. And finally, here's someone recording their DMs with Kyla to prove that she was comfortable with running her mouth about these things.

Honestly, super messy and trashy on all sides but I wouldn't be super harsh on Kyla considering that she was literally only 15 when she was acting like this. And none of this seems crazy to me at all, idols date and sometimes they are really mean to each other, who would have thunk.


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