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Vogue Korea interviews BoA in celebration of the 20th anniversary of her debut


Recently, Vogue Korea released the interview they conducted with singer BoA as a celebration of her twentieth anniversary.

Here is the interview below:

We heard that you are preparing a new album. It has been twenty years since your debut, is there something different about this album?

Twentieth year! Not only do I feel the pressure but the staff of my company feels the pressure as well. In all honesty, I don't feel there should be a differentiation in my album just because it's my twentieth anniversary. I always try to release good songs in every album. Currently, I feel it's more important to find what I want to do. I think that'll make this album more like my twentieth-anniversary album.

What is the music that the current BoA wants to do?

I think it's because of the COVID19 pandemic but I want to dance a lot first of all (laughs). If I try to be young or forcefully do things, it doesn't look awesome. I think it's important to find something I can do well.

We heard that the project 'Our Beloved BoA' has started as well. Various artists such as EXO's Baekhyun, Red Velvet, Bolbbalgan4, and Gallant will do the cover of your songs such as "Only One" and "Garden in the Air".

I'm very touched because these songs are dedicated to me. They're much younger than I am but they agreed to participate in the project so I'm very thankful. Actually, most of my songs weren't allowed to be remade. So it's the first time that another artist is releasing my songs in an album. I'm very excited to hear my songs sung in a different voice. I heard the song  "Garden in the Air" sung by Baekhyun and it was very charming. All the artists, I believe, put their best efforts but I felt he really put his best effort into it.

We heard that you don't watch your old performances because you get embarrassed but you probably had to watch them for your twentieth anniversary.

My old performances were broadcasted but I couldn't watch them. I usually don't watch my old work.

You once said, "I feel bad for myself when I watch old interviews and performances. I feel so sorry about myself." What do you want to tell your old self?

I don't feel bad about myself in particular. I meant that about the situation I was in. I debuted at such a young age and I changed my actions as I experienced difficulties. So in that aspect, I feel bad. If I met BoA, then I want to advise her that she doesn't need to try that hard.

But I don't think she'll listen. I mean I'm here now because of the BoA back then. I think I was able to be where I am now because I worked so hard back then. I don't deny my past because I believe everything is connected - whether it be my efforts and results.

You said, "Being 30 is much better" when you were filming. In what aspect do you mean that?

I think I thought I was an adult when I was in my 20s but I think I became a real adult now that I'm in my 30s. I am able to enjoy things and achieve more things with my own abilities. I think I become more leisure since I have financial stability, I have friends, and also I'm still physically still young. Older people told me I should enjoy my youth while I can. But I think my 30s are passing by so fast. so I feel I should enjoy my youth while I still can.

You answered, "I was busy doing what I was told to do in my teens, I was busy trying to find what I want to do in my 20s, and now I am busy thinking about what I can do to show what I am good at" when asked about the change that came about within the twenty years.

I think I just blindly worked diligently in my teens. When I became an adult in my 20s, I wanted to enjoy various things but then I didn't know what I wanted to do. So I just diligently worked again. I think that's when I learned as an adult. I think other women in their 30s can emphasize with me since we have control over our life. There are a lot of women who have graduated and have stable jobs around me too.

What advice do you give to your juniors when they come to you?

When it's about work I can advise them since I know the system of this industry. But that doesn't mean that's the answer. Also, because I'm a solo artist, I can't give proper advice to juniors who are part of a group. Just because I'm a senior doesn't mean I know everything.

How did you overcome difficulties? 

I tried to voice my concerns and complaints in the most intelligent way as possible.

You once said, "There hasn't been a time when I gave up without giving a try". Howeverthere must have been fears of failure whenever you tried something new. 

The attempt I am talking about is everything before the result. I believe the final result of the dance and song should be something the company, the artist, and the general public should be satisfied with. So I try to make an attempt in any style if I have not tried it yet. For instance, the choreography to "Woman". When I first saw the dance, I wondered if I can do it but I made an attempt and the dance was completed. I think now people aren't as surprised. They probably think, "She probably did that already." (laughs).

You once said, "I think I'm receiving so much love in this era and I want to put forth the effort to fit into this era." What do you think the artist of this era should be like?

I did say that but to be honest I don't know what kind of artist this era wants. If everyone knew the answer, then everyone would be successful. (laughs). I think this era is a time when everyone listens to what they like. So rather than thinking to make music that everyone likes, I try to focus on what my fans like. So my target is clear. I think, 'My fans will like it if I do this!' while I work on my music.  

When you debuted, you said you would like to be a singer for only five years. I think you said that because the length of an idol artist was five years. How do you feel now?

If I can continue to be a singer, I will but if the circumstances don't allow me to, then I will retire. I don't want to limit myself anymore saying 'Until this time'. Also, no one knows the future so I always have to be careful in what I say (laughs).

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