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Twice revealed to have the best demographics in many different relevant departments


Many girl groups have made their mark in the Korean idol industry. From pioneer 1st generation girl groups like SES Fin.kl, to legendary 2nd generation girl groups like SNSD Wonder Girls, to highly popular 3rd generation girl groups like IZ*One BlackPink

With that said, one girl group has been known to dominate in a huge majority of different portions. From Album Sales to Daesangs

They are none other than the current Nations Girl Group, Twice

Twice have broken a ton of records for girl groups & even groups in general, showing the immense power the team has

Becoming the best selling girl group of all time, with nearly 10 million albums sold worldwide

Highest digital points for a girl group

Most Daesangs (a prestigious Korean award) for a girl group

And most music shows for a girl group, soon to be for a group in general

Twice have also became the very first Korean girl group of all time to hold a Dome Tour 

Most of all, they have the been the #1 girl group (and even #1 group) on Gallup every year since the following year of their debut

As well as being listed the #1 girl group as voted by the industry top executives 

Best female K-pop group

TWICE – 111 votes

BLACKPINK – 69 points

Red Velvet – 24 points

Oh My Girl – 13 points

IZ*ONE – 11 points

(G)I-DLE – 10 points

Many girl groups have also confirmed their idolization & admiration for the #1 girl group, such as Pristin, Busters, Weeekly, Cherry Bullet, IZ*One, & much more

Their journey as the current top girl group continues, and we look forward to seeing them create their legacy by the day

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    Friday, August 14, 2020

    They’re one of the most humble hardworking idols you’ll ever meet. They have a genuine relationship amongst each other, and keep a positive attitude no matter what. They’re so incredible. This is an admirable girl group that have earned their position and will continue to become the successful legends they are. Not to mention, they’re the perfect package. Twice OT9 Forever!!



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    Friday, August 14, 2020

    I love seeing this kind of articles



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