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Netizens' shocked as Han Ye Seul's total income since her debut is revealed


Recently, a netizen posted on an online community an analysis of the income actress Han Ye Seul had made over the years since she debuted.

The netizen posted captures of images from a YouTube video from the channel 'Do You Know'. This channel is well known to post various videos of the analysis of celebrity profits and income, as well as other famous figures.

This YouTube channel had counted the number of dramas, movies, and advertisement the actress had filmed and calculated an estimate of how much Han Ye Seul has made over the years.

According to the YouTuber, actress Han Ye Seul filmed 11 dramas in which she had been paid for 220 episodes in total, three movies, and 99 advertisements.

So here is the concise break down of the estimated income actress Han Ye Seul had made over the years.

Han Ye Seul has become a star from the beginning of her debut as she received much love for her beauty and acting skills. She was able to solidify her spot as the top Korean celebrity in just three years after her debut.

She was reported to receive 30 million KRW (~25,161 USD) per episode every time she appeared in one. So far she had appeared in 11 dramas with 220 episodes. Therefore, Han Ye Seul was able to make 6.6 billion KRW (~5,533,435 USD) just from her dramas. However, she splits this income with her agency with the ratio of 7:3. Hence, her take is 4.6 billion KRW (~3,857,459 USD) only through her appearance in Korean dramas.

Han Ye Seul is also known to have a glamourous beauty in which she boasts of a small face and tall figure. She has become a wanna-be icon to many women and this allowed her to film countless advertisements. According to the YouTuber, Han Ye Seul has filmed 99 advertisements. Previously, the information on the cost of celebrities to appear in an advertisement was leaked to the public. 

Taking that into consideration, a top celebrity receives 500 million KRW (~419,324 USD) per advertisement. Therefore, Han Ye Seul is able to make 49.5 billion KRW (~41,513,091 USD). This income is also split between her agency with the same ratio of 7:3. In turn, Han Ye Seul took home 34.6 billion KRW (~29,017,231 USD) in advertisement money.

Just from her appearance in dramas and commercials, Han Ye Seul was able to make 39.2 billion KRW (~32,878,043 USD) over the years.

However, the YouTuber did not take into consideration the two sitcoms that Han Ye Seul appeared in when she first debuted and the three movies. Also, the actress is known to become an ambassador of various organizations and has also released an album.

Therefore she has made over 39.2 billion KRW over the years. Other than her income, the YouTuber revealed the assets that the actress was able to gain over the years as well including a luxury apartment and expensive cars.

She purchased a 3 story building in LA's Koreatown, she lives in a luxurious apartment at the Galleria Foret in Seoul and also owns a building in Korea. In all, she owns around 11.1 Billion KRW in property (approximately 9.1 million USD).

Many netizens' mouth dropped after learning the estimate of the income Han Ye Seul was able to gain over the years.

Netizens' commented:

"Wow, so she can earn a year's salary with just one episode of a drama. That's crazy."

"Well Han Ye Seul is getting paid that much, imagine the other top celebrities. Their income will be beyond our imagination."

"Han Ye Seul looks like a princess but she also has the money of a princess."

"Hopefully, Korean celebrities get treated better in the future. I know Hollywood actors and actresses get paid more and also are treated better."

"Wow, these celebrities earn more money than I imagined. Also, they get gifts from fans too."

"Feels like the payment is not balanced. I feel the medical staff and researchers should get paid higher.

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Friday, August 21, 2020

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Friday, August 21, 2020

Honestly, it goes to show how little entertainers are valued in Korea. American actors in hit shows receive hundreds of thousands of dollars for an episode.


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