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Jo Kwon reveals he used to fear being viewed with a 'genderless' image, but now he likes it


The star of the ongoing drag queen musical 'Jamie', 2AM member/singer Jo Kwon opened up about his own image and insecurities in a recent interview with 'Kyunghyang News'.

During this interview, Jo Kwon compared himself to his musical character Jamie, a 17-year old boy who dreams of becoming a drag queen. Just because Jamie is a little different from those around him, he is mocked by not only his friends but even his father, as being "disgusting". Jo Kwon revealed, "My life isn't much different from Jamie's." 

The star then discussed the various struggles he faced as an entertainer, receiving backlash from netizens due to his variety image. "I was so tired of it... In my twenties, I thought that I had to do everything they asked me to do. Even though that's not the answer at all. Now, I know that you can't please everyone." 

He added on, "When I danced on variety shows, I would over-exaggerate girl group dances. That's what the viewers want. But then, women would ask me, 'Why do you have to turn girl group dances into such a mockery?', and I felt like I'd been hit in the head with a hammer. That's not the way I normally dance. I can do the same dances much better, more artistically. I realized that I wanted to relieve myself of the pressure to make people laugh." 

There may be people out there who still choose to leave malicious comments about Jo Kwon, but the singer has decided to accept these things more in 2020. He shared, "In the past, I was afraid of the genderless image. When people talked about celebrities I looked like or acted like, they were all female celebrities. I used to pretend like I was offended. But now, I like it. Nowadays, high heels aren't just for women and soccer cleats aren't just for men. There are drag queens and drag kings. It's the age of the genderless, and I think this is a concept that I can use to my advantage for a lasting career." 

Finally, Jo Kwon reflected, "I believe that I need to form the path for the hoobae artists to freely take the stage. I used to say that there's no such thing as the 'Second Kkap-Kwon'. But one after another, it turns out there are others like me." He wrapped up with an inspiring message, "Every single person in this world puts their own difficulties before others. That's why loving yourself should always come first as the 0th priority. That's the only way you can endure the hardships of life. I hope that everyone out there will love themselves most." 

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Thursday, August 13, 2020

I am so proud of him



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Thursday, August 13, 2020

Good for them. Go Jokwon! :D



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