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HyunA explains the reasons for revealing her depression and panic disorder on MBC's 'Radio Star'


Recently, HyunA appeared on the August 26 episode of MBC's 'Radio Star' and talked about why she revealed her health conditions.

In the episode, the hosts started off by stating that HyunA announced that she had been suffering from depression and panic disorder last year. One of the hosts asked HyunA, "What is the reason you revealed to the public that you have this disorder three years after you had been diagnosed?"

In response, HyunA stated that she had been taking medication for her panic disorder for five years but had been suffering from the condition for nearly ten years. She stated that it had only been five years that she had been consistently taking medication.

She stated,"I tried to hide it at first and it works if you try to hide it." She revealed that she had been hiding her condition until an incident while filming an advertisement. 

While filming an advertisement, she had suddenly fainted. She stated she was suffering from hyperpnea, depression, and panic disorder but she was newly diagnosed with Neurocardiogenic syncope, which caused her to faint.

She stated, "what really upset me wasn't that I had fainted but I was more upset that all the staff members who came had been affected by me. They had to wrap up everything because of me. So I felt it's only right for me to explain why these things had happened rather than to avoid the situation."

So HyunA decided to reveal her health conditions after a long, careful consideration. HyunA stated that she didn't know how to turn down work since she had debuted at a young age. She stated that she was able to learn to turn down work to manage her health better as she received treatment for her condition.

In the episode, she also revealed the short exercise she does to control her panic disorder. She stated that she would close her eyes and imagine a pendulum in front of her eyes. Then she would follow the pendulum back and forth. She said she would do this 30 times back and forth until her mind empties.

HyunA stated that everything seems extravagant on stage but she wants to support her fellow artists because she knows the difficulties in this industry.

On this day, HyunA was able to talk about her current conditions openly and honestly. Many netizens praised HyunA for taking the courage to talk about her health and applauded her for overcoming it well.

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Wednesday, August 26, 2020

It's ok. Nobody has duty to be a robot. Rest



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Wednesday, August 26, 2020

Hope she recovers fully if possible before comeback...


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