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Former Limitless member Heesuk thanks netizens for their encouragements & promises to overcome his struggles


On August 11, former 'Produce 101' season 2 contestant and former Limitless member Heesuk returned to Instagram with a new post, shortly after his former agency ONO Entertainment issued a statement of response to his earlier claims

Back on August 10, Heesuk alarmed many netizens by confessing that he faced severe internal issues during his days in Limitless and under ONO Entertainment. In response to Heesuk's claims, ONO Entertainment curtly stated that Heesuk's contract with the label was terminated after the idol discussed his internal struggles with the staff; however, the label could not elaborate on the claims Heesuk made due to privacy issues. 

Now, Heesuk spoke up with a message of gratitude toward netizens in his latest Instagram post, writing, "I am feeling very apologetic for causing many people concerns, as I'm sure many of you were shocked by the sudden post yesterday. I want to sincerely thank you all for trusting in me and encouraging me. Everything I wrote in my previous post was with sincerity and transparency. Seeing just how many people sent their words of encouragements toward such a lacking person like me, I will do my best to overcome everything proudly and become a better person tomorrow. Thank you." 

Best of luck to Heesuk in his future endeavors. 

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Wednesday, August 12, 2020

So many kpop groups seems to have the same problem with having absolutely no work/life balance and because of that, there is rarely any external support structure for the individuals because their coworkers are often all they have.

As a result, when there's an inevitable conflict, the only people you can go to are your coworkers or your bosses. If you go to your bosses, you run the risk of being seen by them as a problem member and the members will likely see you as a snitch.

At that point the only real option is to suck it up and move on but you can only do that for so long and when you hit a breaking point and feel like screaming out, the only outlet available is social media.

Idols need a support system outside of their jobs to maintain their own sanity.


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