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Former Limitless member Heesuk causes alarm as he confesses to attempting self-harm due to internal struggles within his group & agency


Former 'Produce 101' season 2 contestant and former Limitless member Yoon Heesuk is raising concerns after his Instagram post back on August 10. 

[Trigger Warning Ahead] 

According to Heesuk, "After wrapping up our debut promotions which only seemed like a dream to us for so long, we were suddenly notified of 2 Chinese members joining the team without our consent; shortly after that, I began suffering due to internal conflict between the members, hurtful speech, and hurtful behavior. I hoped to resolve the conflicts between the members, but nothing was resolved and the sickness in my heart continued to grow as I spent my days living in the members' dorm. I reached out to our company's president numerous times about my struggles. But all he said to me was that 'That's just how they are, just hang tight'."

Heesuk continued, "In the end, in December of last year, I expressed my wishes to leave the group with the company president because I couldn't stand it any longer. The president listened to what I had to say and said that he knew what conflicts were going on between the members, and told me that my contract would come to an end after our concert at the end of the month."

However, Heesuk claimed that the president of his agency at the time failed to keep his promise, and the president began to push the end of Heesuk's contract further and further with one excuse after another. Heesuk also accused the agency's president of falsely blaming Heesuk for the "problems" when faced with the other team members or Heesuk's parents. 

The former idol went on with, "Those 8 months were like hell to me. I took medication every day and suffered from severe depression, anxiety, and mental illness to the point that I just felt I wanted to die. Due to the repetition of such situations, I even attempted to take my own life. In tears, I confessed to the president that I attempted to take my own life as I could not bring myself to tell my parents. But the president chose to remain silent all the same. I'm sorry that my parents have to find out about this through this post." 

Back in May of this year, Heesuk caused a stir as his former agency ONO Entertainment accused the idol of leaving the team without prior announcement, cutting off all contact in the process. 

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Iamalittledai5y349 pts Monday, August 10, 2020 0
Monday, August 10, 2020

Poor kid I met him at Limitless's debut stage, it was the first thing I did when I went to Korea that year. This is so heartbreaking. I hope he recovers and that this clears up any misunderstandings people had when they heard he cut off contact with everyone.



xx-jenn-xx5,070 pts Monday, August 10, 2020 0
Monday, August 10, 2020

Terrible to go through that and take the proper steps to alert someone and nothing gets done. This should be part of the fines they should get for their bullshit on produce 101. I hope he is better now and continues to do well.



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