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Fans discover that former 'The Return of Superman' member, Jang Hyun Sung's son Junseo, is also an ARMY now


Earlier this month, actor Jang Hyun Sung and his family appeared as guests on an episode of tvN's home rearranging program, 'The House Detox'. 

Many fans will recognize actor Jang Hyun Sung and his family as they are one of the original families of KBS2's 'The Return of Superman'. The actor appeared on the family variety program for several years with his two sons, Junwoo and Junseo

Now, years later, viewers got to see just how much Junwoo and Junseo have grown up since their 'Superman' days! On this episode of 'The House Detox', the MCs and organization experts rearranged both Junwoo and Junseo's rooms which were disorganized, messy, and cluttered. 

What caught the attention of some BTS fans who tuned in to the program was the indication that Junseo has also grown into an ARMY! The organization experts strongly advised that Junseo get rid of his two-story bed, a nostalgic piece of furniture for Junseo. The child claimed that the second story of the bed was his reading space and that he needed it, and on a blackboard frame attached to the outside of the bed, viewers recognized a mixture of Jungkook photocards!

Furthermore, the evening before the program experts got rid of his two-story bed, Junseo was seen climbing the bed for the last time. Looking over all of his belongings on the bed, he said, "Where will I put Jungkook-hyung?"

Later on, when the MCs revealed the rearranged version of Junseo's room to the family, the blackboard with Jungkook's photocards could be seen displayed at the foot of Junseo's now one-story bed.

Seeing this, netizens commented, "A baby is a fan of another baby~", "Grow up to be a cool hyung like Jungkook, Junseo~!", "How cute, he's a true fan kekeke", "That's right Junseo, keep Jungkook hyung safe and don't lose him!", "His tone when he says, 'Where will I put Jungkook-hyung?' is so cute kekekeke", "Don't worry Junseo, the organization expert on that show is also an ARMY, she'll take care of Jungkook-hyung kekekeke", "Junseo, you should buy a frame and put Jungkook-hyung on your desk kekekeke", and more!

Watch Junseo and his family take a tour of his rearranged room from tvN's 'The House Detox' below!

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killthislove002,513 pts Wednesday, August 26, 2020 0
Wednesday, August 26, 2020

This is adorable! He has good taste.

Speaking of Jungkook, did anybody else see the Honest Trailer for Mean Girls released today? He made an appearance! I almost spit out my tea, I was so surprised / amused!



Armyinthehouse1,279 pts Wednesday, August 26, 2020 0
Wednesday, August 26, 2020

I remember him and his brother, when the show was actually good and less artificial. Everything went downhill after them and then the triplets left. Glad that he is growing up well, and he got a taste!! Haha



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