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Fans admire and respect BTS's RM as he reveals why he continues to diligently study English


Many people know that BTS leader RM is the member who fluently speaks English. BTS made history when they became the first Korean idol to speak at the United Nations - At the center of this historical event was RM who delivered the beautiful speech impeccably.

His English is almost so perfect that many mistake him to have studied abroad. However, all of his fans know that he achieved his English skill through hard work and endless efforts. He is respected by fans and many people all across the globe for this.

Recently, a fan uploaded on an online community a post titled, "The reason RM continues to study English." On the post, the fan included captures of a brief dialogue with RM as he reveals that he must keep studying or else he will forget how to speak the language.

RM stated "Many people believe I can automatically speak the language whenever I want to. However, I forget how to speak it if I don't speak it for even a month. I had difficulties speaking with Halsey because I couldn't translate my thoughts into English right away."

After hearing this from RM many netizens could not hide their admiration for the artist. With an IQ of 148, RM was believed to be able to speak English very fluently due to his high IQ. However, through this short clip, many found out that RM puts in endless efforts to maintain his skills.

Netizens' commented:

"I respect him so much...I don't even study my native language but he studies English constantly."

"So awesome."

"I didn't know RM continuously studied English. There's a reason BTS is so successful. They put so much effort into everything."

"Darn it, I should put in the same effort for my English subject test too..."

"He's so diligent and sincere."

"He's amazing...He continues to study even though he has such a busy schedule."

"I got a high score on the TOEIC exam too but I forgot everything since I stopped studying it. So sad."

"He's so smart but still puts in the effort."

"Even BTS is studying...I should too..."

"RM is the best leader. Puts in so much effort."

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naazy5,269 pts Tuesday, August 18, 2020 0
Tuesday, August 18, 2020

I honestly get where heโ€™s coming from. If you donโ€™t speak a language that often, itโ€™s easy to forget some stuff. Namjoon is amazing for studying and dealing with everything else at the same time



taeswife06137,811 pts Tuesday, August 18, 2020 0
Tuesday, August 18, 2020

I respect him so much, as someone whose mother language is different than my country's main language, I understand what he is saying. If you keep using only one, you forget the other, humans are forgetful creatures so even if you master a skill you have to keep practicing it. It's always amazing to see how good Namjoon is at speaking English and how he has almost no accent anymore! I'm always surprised when he says that he learned English through "Friends" and not private-tutoring, that shows a lot of dedication! His dedication, patience, leadership and BIG BRAIN always amazes me! Keep practicing Namjoon! Even as a Korean-speaking International ARMY I always appreciate you speaking in English! Thank you so much!!!



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