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A Muslim Korean YouTuber with 2.27 million subscribers admits to previously attempting rape


Recently, Famous Korean YouTuber Daud Kim has admitted to being charged withattempted rape.

YouTuber Daud Kim has over 2.27 million subscribers and is famous for following the Muslim faith. However, he had recently been involved in a controversy as a foreign female claimed he had tried to rape her.

On August 24th, Daud Kim posted an apology video titled "I am Daud".

He started the video with a solemn expression and stated, "Yesterday, someone posted writing saying that I sexually harassed her. I want to explain about this matter." He admitted to his wrongdoings and continued to explain the situation that had happened. The incident occurred approximately one year and two months ago as it started at a club in Hongdae. 

Daud Kim explained that this had happened before he had become a Muslim. He stated, "This happened before I became a Muslim. Last year on June 27th, I met two girls while I was drinking. I exchanged numbers with them and I messaged one of them saying that I wanted to meet her. She sent me an address and permitted me to come to her place."

He continued,"I was very drunk so I wasn't in good condition. So the girl wanted to care for me. After we talked a bit more, I went to sleep on the sofa. Then I blacked out. Afterwards, I remember waking up as someone was screaming and shouting at me. Then I was rolling down the stairs. The girls yelled at me and told me they called the police. I was in a panic so I hurried out of the place."


Daud Kim revealed that he was under police investigation but didn't think he had done anything like that. He couldn't remember so he didn't think he was a bad enough person to attempt something like that. However, he realized he had done something wrong after listening to them. He felt guilty afterward. The victim wanted an apology so he met with her to apologize sincerely and the victim accepted it.

He stated that this was left in a document. He read the agreement document, "The victim reported on the incident, on June 27th, 2019, as a sexual harassment incident at the Seoul Mapo police office but canceled. The victim has agreed smoothly and the victim will not ask the perpetrator for any civil or criminal liability."

The YouTuber stated that the incident had concluded after that. The problem arose when he had posted an apology on his Instagram account just as the victim requested. However, Daud Kim took down the apology post after just one month.

In response to this, the victim exposed Daud Kim through social media and revealed the video of the incident as well.

He confessed he had taken down the Instagram apology because he was afraid of criticism. He admitted he had made a rash decision and was being careless.

Daud Kim continued the video as he apologized to everyone. He stated, "I apologize to the victim for she must have been hurt by me and also I apologize to all my subscribers who were shocked and disappointed in me. I'm very sorry."

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amnart250 pts Wednesday, August 26, 2020 18
Wednesday, August 26, 2020

Please anyone who sees this. Don’t hate on Islam the religion is not the issue here.


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wise-quotes2,443 pts Wednesday, August 26, 2020 29
Wednesday, August 26, 2020

"The girls yelled at me and told me they called the police. I was in a panic..."

ohhhh are you okay dude??? I hope they did not hurt you... it must have been horrible for you... *the nerve of this man....🤡*


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