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This fan is one of the most successful fans of BLACKPINK


South Korean volleyball player Kang So Hwi is a seongduk (successful fan) of BLACKPINK

On July 24th, BLACKPINK hosted a virtual fan sign for their fans and Kang So Hwi was one of the lucky few. Kang So Hwi, who plays for the Korean national team, is known for being a hardcore BLACKPINK stan. She recently posted pictures of the group's albums to show her support for the group and said she is stoked to finally win BLACKPINK's fansign event.

BLACKPINK members immediately noticed her and said they'd love to go see her game one day. The young talented athlete took to her Instagram to thank the group and many netizens positively reacted. Some of the comments and tweets include: "She must be one of the most successful fans of BLACKPINK lol. Her salary is almost $250K USD and her idol recognizes her." 

"Congrats (clapping emoji) You look 10,000 times happier than when you got an ace in the game lol"

"She added captions to her video lmao she really is a BLINK"

"Lisa saying they are the same age and thus should be friends is the cutest thing ever"

"Wow.. a facetime with Jennie (crying emojis) Jennie is super adorable, right? Thank you for sharing this"

Check out her Instagram post below. What do you think? 

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🖤블핑영상통화후기💖 일단 너무 많이 떨려서 말도 제대로 못했어요 물어보고싶은것도 많고 애정하고 사랑해요라고 하고싶었는데 부끄럽고 1분이라는 시간에 신경쓰다보니깐 했던말만 계속했어여 흑... 지금은 코로나 때문에 위험해서 상황 좋아지면 오시라해야하눈데,,,,,바부같다 나🥺 첫번째 계속 밝은미소로 대화해주신 지츄언니 고맙습니다 뭐부터 말해야되나 엄청 걱정했는데...예쁜지수언니 넘나 친절해💜 두번째 젠언니!!!!!! 나 감격스러워서 입만 계속 막은거같아요 싸인할때 많이 요구해서 죄송해요ㅠㅠ오늘아니면 못본다는 생각에 그랬어요 진짜늠므늠므늠무 매력쟁이 긔엽고 예쁘고 멋지고 다하는 젠득이언니 뒤에서 묵묵히 항상 응원할게요😊♥️세번째 네번째 리사,로제 전 다같이 한번에 영통 2분인줄 알고 질문많이 준비못했어요 ㅠㅠㅠㅠ바보같은 질문에도 곰곰히 생각하고 답 잘해주셔서 고맙습니당 진짜 춤,노래하면 리사 로제 아입니까?!!!블핑멤버 모두모두 사랑하고 애정합니다💓 #성덕 #여기서 #고이 #잠들다💤

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Xibi_Kyu_Mm-121 pts Sunday, July 26, 2020 0
Sunday, July 26, 2020

She is not a lucky fan, she is a famous athlete with a verified account and the contacts or the money for the interested YG to let her participate.



NgohiongPuso884 pts Saturday, July 25, 2020 0
Saturday, July 25, 2020

Let's have another down vote moment... I mean this article is like telling the world Alexander the Great died many years ago.

It is an event to circumvent the current issue on social distancing and COVID. Therefore, not only is that athlete (which you didn't even include in your article what she is an athlete of) and many others have become a successful fan. IZ*ONE did the same event and now BLACKPINK had the same event. If this article was meant to to speak of successful fans then AKP just made an entirely wrong angle because there were many and you only posted one?



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