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The Kpop-style Japanese girl group created by J.Y. Park makes it big in Japan bringing in another "Korean Wave"

J.Y. Park: "We don't need to make a concept because we're all originally special."

J.Y. Park successfully brings about another "Korean Wave" in Japan with the success of TWICE and even NiziU.

J.Y. Park collaborated with the Japanese label, Sony Music, in producing an audition program 'Nizi Project' where girls competed in becoming the next girl group to debut in Japan. The show produced the group NiziU, a Kpop girl group consisting of all Japanese members, and they released their single "Make You Happy" on June 30th. Since then, they have gained much popularity as they reached first place in three categories of the Oricon Charts. They also reached number 1 in worldwide charts including the various music charts of Japan and the Chinese QQ music charts.

However, there is someone who has become a hotter topic than NiziU - J.Y. Park, the creator of the girl group. He is the chief producer and founder of JYP Entertainment. An article titled "'Process makes results and the attitude creates the outcome' words of J.Y. Park" was published by Forbes Japan magazine as his popularity soars in Japan. The Japanese people even gave him nicknames such as "Mochigori", which is the Japanese term for "Tteokgo" (rice cake eating gorilla).

He is not only being recognized for creating successful girl groups but also for his character. He stated "Don't say anything off-camera that you can't say in front of the camera" as he advised the trainees on the program. Those words were said by J.Y. Park as he held a special lesson about having a good character to the contestants of the show. J.Y. Park is known to teach his trainees and artist about being a good person first before anything. He has also taught the contestants of the 'Nizi Project' the same thing. He stated, "have a magnificent character and influence the world with goodnessPlease take to heart these three words - honesty, sincerity, and modesty. The people who are able to fight against themselves every day will fulfill their dream not those with just talent."

He was able to bring about the success with a sincere and modest heart as people admire him more and more. J.Y. Park was able to bring about another "Korean Wave" to Japan as he began to apply the Kpop system that he knew for a long time to the Japanese music industry. He stated "I wanted to try a new business by applying the Kpop training system that was used at JYP for a long time. I want to use this system to create artists and publish albums in that way." That is why he reached out to Sony Music to form this project. There were many idol groups that were released in Japan, however, Kpop dominated the idol music market. This is the first time that a Kpop Japanese group was created and gained so much popularity in such a short time in Japan.

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Thursday, July 30, 2020

Glad for them! Lookin forward to what other songs they'll come out with


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Thursday, July 30, 2020

It’s always funny seeing non-Korean Kpop fans tell a Korean music agency what is & isn’t Korean culture related

Like Cathy sit down and stream your boy group fancams in the corner


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