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The Boyz' Sunwoo and Cre.ker Entertainment post an apology for his actions


Recently, The Boyz have been mentioned in a hot discussion. The incident arose on July 9th, when a few members greeted fans via a series of social media updates that shared photos taken during their summer beach trip. 

The discussion arose as one member, Sunwoo, was seen with something that looked like a cigarette in his hands. Since then, there have been hot debates around the online community if what was in Sunwoo's hand was a cigarette or not.

It seems this discussion came to a conclusion because at 11:59 PM KST on July 10th, Sunwoo posted an apology and his agency Cre.ker Entertainment also posted an apology.

The apology was posted with the title "Hello this is Sunwoo" and reads:

"Hello, this is Sunwoo.

I have something to say to The Bs.

I wanted this platform to be a place where I can share love and happiness with my fans.

However, I have to leave this letter of apology to every one of The Bs due to my wrongdoings.

I went to the beach with our members as a vacation after the competition program was over. However, I broke the regulations while I was in a public place when I was there. I feel so sorry for all the fans who trust in me and I don't know how I should continue with this talk but I want to share my honest feelings with you.

I feel so ashamed and have no excuses for every one of The Bs who show me love, the precious members, and people of the agency who work so hard. I apologize.

I will always remember how thankful I am to you The Bs and how precious you are to me as I self-reflect on my mistakes and put forth the effort so that I don't show such wrongdoings from now on.

I felt and learned many things after meeting you, The Bs who give me love. I will put forth the efforts to show my honest, good self to The Bs who have given me endless love and trust. I will try to become a mature person who can show you only my good side, say good things so that you can see my earnest heart and trust in me again.

Once again, I sincerely apologize to all The Bs who must have been hurt and disappointed because of my wrongdoings.

I will take this time to truly self-reflect and reprimand myself to improve. I'm truly sorry."

Cre.ker Entertainment
also posted an official apology for Sunwoo's actions. The apology was posted before Sunwoo's apology and reads:


This is Cre.ker Entertainment.

We post this apology to the fans who must have been shocked by the photos that were posted on Twitter by The Boyz members.

We also an apology for breaking the regulations of public places, in turn, worrying the fans.

Not only Sunwoo but all the members who were with him are aware of their wrong actions. They are self-reflecting with a somber heart.

Sunwoo is fully aware of the responsibilities of this incident and we apologize once again to cause discomfort to everyone.

We will make sure to care for our artist and make sure to all our perfection that this does not happen again.

thank you."

The netizens were surprised about the apologies that were posted since it confirmed Sunwoo's actions. Many expressed their concerns about the effect this incident will have on the image of the group.

Netizens commented:

"The media won't see this incident too positively."

"They should have been clear about what he did wrong in the apology. We don't know what it means when they said he broke the regulations."

"So he really did smoke at the beach."

"Smoking on the beach...is the worst...he probably threw that cigarette on the beach."

"It's good they apologized fast but people don't change.
"Do the employees of their agency not check before the members post on social media?"

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pink_oracle10,977 pts Friday, July 10, 2020 11
Friday, July 10, 2020

"We're not confirming he was smoking a cigarette. But whatever you saw in the photo that upset you, we're very sorry for that."

lol, very safe.


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-ashley1,746 pts Friday, July 10, 2020 26
Friday, July 10, 2020

sunwoo admitted his mistake and apologised straight away. i dont really know much abt him, but he handled it in a mature way. hopefully the media doesnt blow this out of proportion and criticise sunwoo unnecessarily. a lot of other artist should take notes; admit what you did wrong, be mature, address the situation, move on. dont act like it never happened. and dont blame others or invalidate other peoples feelings just cause you dont think you did anything wrong. sunwoo seems cool. i stan sunwoo.


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