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Netizens note the increasing number of Japanese idols in Kpop


Kpop has been taking off in popularity in the global market and has received international love and support.

Since its global popularity, more international members are seen than ever before in Kpop groups. Netizens noted that many of these members are Japanese.

Japanese idols are now more frequently making their debut with rookie idol groups.

Here are a few members you might know or not know to be Japanese.

1. NCT - Yuta

2. TWICE - Mina

3. TWICE - Sana

4. TWICE - Momo

5. IZ*ONE - Sakura

6. IZ*ONE - Nako

7. IZ*ONE - Hitomi

8. Pentagon - Yuto

9. Cherry Bullet - Re Mi

10. Cherry Bullet - May

11. ONF - U

12. GWSN - Miya


14. Nature - Haru

15. Rocket Punch - Juri

Some netizens have reacted positively to having such international members in the Kpop group but others don't believe it's such a good because there were previous incidents of these international members leaving the group in a not-so-positive method.

Netizens commented:

"It's my first time seeing Lea. She's so pretty."

"Not only Japanese, there are many Chinese and Thai members in Kpop these days."

"GWSN's Miya has such a unique aura. Her face is so unique but pretty too."

"Wow, these Japanese members look so Korean. Probably because of their makeup. I can't distinguish them."

"I feel like they might cause issues like those international members a long time ago."

"The Japanese members don't cause any trouble. They learn Korean and adapt to Korean culture. They get along well with the members."

"I don't know why these companies are including so many Japanese members."

"Japanese members just don't leave without permission...they're better than Chinese members."

  1. Cherry Bullet
  2. GWSN
  3. IZ*ONE
  4. Nature
  5. NCT
  6. Yuta
  7. ONF
  8. Pentagon
  9. Yuto
  10. Rocket Punch
  12. TWICE
  13. Momo
  14. Sana
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athalia-b1,130 pts Monday, July 6, 2020 20
Monday, July 6, 2020

Damm the last comment from netizens is just harsh and untrue. No members from any group leave a group just because they want to. There's always a solid reason.


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whatever1011,247 pts Monday, July 6, 2020 2
Monday, July 6, 2020

its all about the $$$$$, with Japan being one of K-pop's most lucrative markets both through concerts and album sales on top of the prestige that comes with topping Oricon and performing at places Tokyo Dome its wayyyy more easier to gain fans by having someone in the group who not only can speak the language but can have "relatability" that the Korean members might not have with audiences


ya'll can thank TWICE and their insane popularity in Japan for this since in 2015 it was mostly Chinese or Thai artists companies would scout for their group.


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