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Former AOA member Youkyung apologizes for her ambiguous message which caused more commotion over the Mina, Jimin bullying controversy


Former AOA member, Youkyung, explained and clarified the ambiguous comment she left after the controversy of bullying between Mina and Jimin arose.

Four days ago, Youkyung posted on an ambiguous message on Instagram which alluded to her being bullied during her time with AOA. Many netizens connected Youkyung's post with the recent incidents with Mina and Jimin.

However, on July 6th, Youkyung apologized to netizens and clarified her previous message through an Instagram post saying "I am writing this again because I feel like I created a commotion through my ambiguous post on my past feed. I apologize for leaving such an ambiguous post."

She wrote:

"Hello, this is Youkyung.

 I am writing this again because I feel like I caused a commotion through my ambiguous post on my past feed. 

I apologize for leaving such an ambiguous post. I just became momentarily angered when the memories I've decided to bury - the memories I slowly forgot - came back to me.

So, I wanted to timidly express to everyone for the first and last time that I went through a difficult time as well. But I think I was just being childish. 

In the past, I think I didn't have the leisure to look around at my surroundings because I was having a difficult time on my own. So I thought they just watched me go through the difficult times. I never imagined that someone else was in a similar situation I was. So I really earnestly want to say sorry. Also, I want to say you've persevered well and I support you.

I'm okay now because I have countless people and endless voices cheering for me now. Until now, I didn't have anything that could protect me. I lived thinking that the drum set in the studio was all that I had.

But that wasn't the case. I came to realize that there were so many precious people who have given me love. That's all I need. That's sufficient.

Once again, I want to take this chance to sincerely apologize to everyone who was hurt due to my impulsive actions and words. Also, I want to say we all persevered through the difficult times well. I also want to say let's continue to be strong, have the courage, and I support you.

I ask that everyone refrains from saying hurtful words that make me and everyone unhappy. And I truly thank all those who are always cheering me on.

July 6th, 2020


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안녕하세요. 유경이에요. 제가 모호하게 올린 지난 피드 내용 때문에 혼란을 불러일으킨 것 같아 다시 한번 글을 써요. 지난번 피드 내용을 너무 모호하게 올린 점 죄송해요. 살아오면서 묻어버리자고 다짐하고 다짐했던, 또 점점 잊어가던 기억이 되살아났고 그래서 순간적으로 화가 났어요. 그래서 처음이자 마지막으로 소심하게나마 여러분께 저도 힘들었다고 표현하고 싶었던 어린아이 같은 마음이었던 것 같아요. 과거의 저는 저 혼자만으로도 너무 힘들어서 주변을 둘러볼 여유가 없었던 것 같아요. 그래서 힘든 저를 그냥 보고만 있다고 생각했어요. 지금까지도 다른 누군가가 저와 같은 상황에 처해있었을 거라고 짐작도 못 했던 것 같아요. 그래서 진심으로 미안하다고 싶어요. 그리고 잘 버텨내주었다고 말하고, 응원하고 싶어요. 지금의 저는 괜찮아요. 지금 저에겐 저를 끊임없이 응원해 주는 목소리들이 있잖아요. 지금까지 저는 저를 보호해 줄 무언가는 단 하나도 없고, 단지 작업실에 놓인 드럼 한 대만이 내가 가진 전부라고 생각하며 살아왔어요. 그렇지만 그게 아니었어요. 저에겐 저를 사랑해 주는 소중한 사람이 너무나 많다는 걸 알게 되었어요. 그거면 됐어요. 충분해요. 다시 한번 제 짧고 충동적인 행동과 글로 인해 상처받은 분들에게 이 자리를 빌려 진심으로 사과의 말씀을 전하고 싶어요. 그리고 우리 모두, 힘든 시간 잘 벼터왔다고, 다시 한번 용기 내고 힘내자고 응원하고 싶어요. 저와 모두를 불행하게 만드는 아픈 말들은 자제 부탁드립니다. 그리고 저를 응원해 주시는 모든 분들께도 항상 진심으로 감사드려요. 2020.07.06 유경

Youkyung(@drrrr.youkyung)님의 공유 게시물님,

Netizens have commented saying: 

"We love you." 

"Always with you." 

"Is everything okay? we love you, remember." 

" We will always love and support you, you are part of us."

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I'm really impressed by this new writer, haydn-an; she creates well-written articles, they're grammatically accurate, and most of all, her Korean-English translations are the best ones I've seen on this site. Haydn-an actually translates the meaning of the text, not just the words. That's how translating is supposed to work. Unfortunately most staff members on AKP don't seem to know that.

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Well said Youkyung!

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