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Former AOA member Mina posts first SNS update since bullying controversy


On July 10, former AOA member/actress Mina posted her first SNS update since raising bullying allegations against AOA's leader Jimin.

In the update, Mina shares a simple photo of her dog lying comfortably on her couch, and wrote, "I've received so many words of concern and encouragement from not just my acquaintances, but so many people through direct messages, texts, etc and I'm so sorry that I am not able to personally respond to all of them. I am doing my best to read through all of them, and am just so grateful.. You don't have to worry about me anymore.. So that you won't have to worry about me any longer, I will work hard to return to promotions with a healthy, bright image, receiving treatment step by step. Please take care and don't be sick until then. Please remember to wear your masks, and be careful of colds since on rainy days, it can get cold, then warm really fast. Again, thank you so much and I'm truly sorry.. Everyone, fighting!"

Last week, former AOA member Mina caused both shock and concern by confessing that she was bullied during her AOA days by fellow member Jimin for nearly 10 years. Shortly afterward, AOA's label FNC Entertainment announced that Jimin will be leaving AOA and halting all of her entertainment activities indefinitely. 

We hope to see Mina back to her promotions soon. 

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디엠과 문자나 등등 제 지인들뿐만 아니라 정말 많은 분들께서 걱정글과 응원글을 보내주시는데 일단 제가 일일히 답장을 해주지 못해서 너무 죄송합니다 최대한 다 읽으려고 하고 있구 정말 정말 감사할뿐입니다..걱정 이제 그만 하셔도 되요..앞으로 걱정안할 수 있도록 제가 차근 차근 치료도 잘 받고 건강하고 밝은 모습으로 꼭 빠른시일내에 돌아올께요 노력 많이 할테니 그때까지 다들 몸 챙기시고 아푸지 마세요 마스크 착용도 꼭 잊지마시구 비가 오면서 날씨도 추웠다가 더웠다가 하니까 감기 조심하세요 정말 감사합니다 또 다시 한번 진심으로 죄송하구요..🙇‍♀️모두들 화이팅 하세요!

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Fairytailloverr1,196 pts Thursday, July 9, 2020 2
Thursday, July 9, 2020

She sounds very hopeful so I will be hopeful too. Mina Fighting!

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gookr5,447 pts Thursday, July 9, 2020 4
Thursday, July 9, 2020

oh thank god she is okay. but i genuinely hope one day she finds a way to be happy again.

also idk why she apologized. there is no need. she was hurting and people came to support her. she is a good example of a strong women to show bullying isnt okay and cant be allowed.

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