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Posted by Kelly-Ouyang Wednesday, July 29, 2020

Find out NCT Dream's MBTI


People love taking personality quizzes to understand themselves better and figure out what it is that makes them tick. It turns out that K-Pop idols are interested in their inner workings too! Here are some of NCT Dream members’ MBTI types confirmed by the members on social media like Lysn and Twitter!

Mark: INFJ

INFJ types are known to be introverted and intuitive. They also prefer to feel emotions and judge situations before making decisions. The INFJ is also known as the counselor, and are very nurturing and warm. They have deep insight into people and situations, and prioritize understanding themselves and others.

NCTzens can see Mark’s nurturing side every time he takes care of NCT Dream as the oldest member. Though he sometimes gets teased by the younger members, he understands what it feels like to be a younger member depending on older teammates for guidance and advice. Mark once stated that he feels very responsible for Haechan, because prior to his arrival in the NCT 127 team, he had been the youngest member, but with Haechan, he felt obligated to care for him.

Mark belongs to NCT 127, NCT U, NCT Dream, and even SuperM, which shows his artistic yet hardworking side as an INFJ.

Jeno: ISFP-A

Jeno is an ISFP-A, classified as the Adventurer. About five to ten percent of people have an ISFP personality type. The difference between the ISFP-A and ISFP-T is that A types are typically more assertive, yet are calmer and laid back when reacting to situations. Assertive types have the confidence to be 4-D in public.

In an episode of NCT Daily, Jeno and Jaemin went to a pizza parlor, and Jeno showed his easygoing side while Jaemin ordered pizza. He also showed his 4-D side by playfully biting on his fork while waiting for their order. NCTzens love the Nomin couple, and it comes with no surprise that ISFP and ISFJ types are highly compatible!

Haechan: ENFP

As the only Extroverted type in NCT Dream so far, Haechan is an ENFP, known to be energized by time with other people and to prefer freedom and flexibility. The ENFP is also known as the Campaigner or the Champion, and are charming, and independent. Haechan is certainly the life of the party no matter where he goes, and his passion can be felt in any crowd.

Haechan is known to be very competitive and craving creativity and freedom. In an episode of Weekly Idol, Haechan was chosen as the member who makes people wonder, “What’s with him?” as well as the member who people want to keep as an adorable pet. According to Renjun, Haechan is an entertainer who always lights up the mood.

Jaemin: ISFJ-T

A Defender ISFJ is someone who is warm and sensitive, yet analytical and practical. Defenders have great communication skills and are very altruistic when it comes to difficult situations. Defenders make up one of the greatest sectors of the population at nearly 13%.

People with the ISFJ type are supposedly uncomfortable in the spotlight, but one-time Jaemin broke this stereotype was on Weekly Idol, where he showed great enthusiasm while performing the aegyo song. He even performed it multiple times and encouraged members like Haechan and Jeno, who were shy about singing the song, and showed his talents and shamelessness to give the fans what they want.

NCTzens love Jaemin’s boldness and mastery of the “ottoke” song!


The youngest member of NCT Dream, who recently turned 20 in Korean age, Jisung, is classified as an INFP/INFJ. The INFP is often considered a mediator, and are introverted, creative, and driven. Similarly, the INFJ is usually reserved, but also very receptive to others feelings. Interestingly enough, the INFJ is one of the rarest MBTI types, especially in males, and NCT is lucky to have one in the team.

In Why Not the Dancer, Jisung showed his sensitivity by preparing water bottles for the older members. Despite his self-described poor handwriting, he mentioned that he wanted to make sure that nobody would get confused about their water bottles, since it happened often with his own members.

Jisung may be on the reserved side, showing his cool and chic image on stage, but the NCT members all agree that the maknae on top’s bright smile is the best.

What is your MBTI type? How compatible are you with the NCT members? Let us know in the comments below!

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Why does the caption says "Mark: I've never seen anyone" when Yuta was the one shown on the screen?



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