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Police chief suspected of covering up the 'Burning Sun' scandal found not guilty of all charges


The police chief who was arrested for the 'Burning Sun' scandal has been cleared of the charges issued against him for covering up the scandal.

Police Chief Yoon was arrested back in October of 2019 for his alleged connection to the 'Burning Sun' scandal. Prosecutors accused Yoon of seeking monetary gains for completing favors, illegal monetary transactions, misuse of social service official privileges, attempts to eliminate evidence, and suppress investigations after police acquired evidence that Yoon illegally received several million KRW from business CEO Jung (45) in investment funds. He is also said to have asked Jung to delete their communication logs after the 'Burning Sun' scandal came to light. Yoon is said to have been referred to as 'police chief' in the infamous Kakaotalk group chatrooms.

Although prosecutors stated that there is no way that the relationship between a police officer and businesses wasn't innocent and asked for three years of imprisonment along with 46 million KRW (37,000 USD) in fines, the court has rejected their charges. According to the court, "it does not appear that Yoon received investment funds in exchange for mediation" and stated that it is difficult to make conclusions based on the information Yoon received from the former CEO due to the fact that the contents of communications were undisclosed. However, the court did acknowledge that they were "not saying that the accused is 100% innocent or that the charges are not true" but that the prosecution's proof was insufficient for a conviction. 


Yoon has previously insisted that he had no connection to Burning Sun although many netizens continue to voice their outrage at the lack of progress or arrests made in the case. Prosecutors are planning on appealing the decision in the near future. 

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Saturday, April 25, 2020

Curiously, after time passing media's reports contradict what was reported then regarding the number of individuals arrested by police for being BS' case related which was significant and the investigation was presented as being ample but bcs the results didn't meet the public's expectations raised every day by media's manipulation, now they consider BS' investigation as failure bcs no big names were proven for being involved. Yoon is probably the bigger official name and now was cleared. What if the BS' scandal was artificially created as Kim Sang Kyo declared that he was used by some politicians from ruler party for their purpose? The truth is that BS was bulldozed from Melody Hotel and reopened in other location after only 3 months and while the investigation was still ongoing and the media focused mainly in Seungri not being interested to find out who are those who managed the relocation and if Melody Hotel has to do with that or not and how they succeeded to obtain all the administrative papers/approbations to do that in such a short time and under police investigation. At the end of the day those who really own and manage the club are those who came out from scandal pretty unscratched and with minimal loss maybe bcs they cooperated with those who set up the scandal from start.



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Friday, April 24, 2020

The article doesn't mention Seungri once but the only tag is Seungri?


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