Posted by Susan-Han Thursday, April 16, 2020

Netizens reprimand a 'fan' who almost injured a Cosmic Girls member, trying to shove a gift in their hands


Back on April 14, Cosmic Girls members Exy and Soobin attended a recording for MBC's 'Idol Radio' as special DJs of the day. However, after the recording while heading home and bidding goodbye to their fans, an accident occurred as some "fans" decided to chase the girl group's moving vehicle. 

While the van is slowly driving away, some "fans" can be seen running up to the vehicle, trying to hand the Cosmic Girls members gifts in their hands. One "fan" can be seen shoving a gift into the vehicle's open window against the Cosmic Girls members' will:

After the incident, Starship Entertainment released an official statement as follows:

"Back on April 14 after a recording for MBC's 'Idol Radio', some fans ran up to a moving vehicle and attempted to throw gifts into the car. As a result, a situation occurred where a Cosmic Girls member could have been badly hurt by such actions. 

Due to some fans who did not follow rules and guidelines during official schedules, a situation occurred where things could have turned into a major accident.

In response, we plan to ban this particular fan from all future Cosmic Girls schedules as they violated our agency's policies regarding fan gifts, and also inflicted a member with an injury. 

We ask that those who love Cosmic Girls please refrain from any actions which could lead to safety hazards, and we also please ask that everyone follow proper rules and guidelines during official schedules to ensure such an accident does not happen again." 

Seeing the dangerous accident, netizens severely reprimanded this particular "fan" with comments like, "What's wrong with their mental state...", "That's not gonna make anyone happy...", "Being an idol is seriously such an extreme job", "So giving them your gift is more important than their safety...", "That's not called 'giving a gift', that's called 'beating someone up'", "That's just scary, what a psychopath", "No more rolling down windows to wave to fans while a car is moving", and more. 

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Thursday, April 16, 2020

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Thursday, April 16, 2020

I don’t understand the gift giving thing. I can understand a letter but a gift?

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