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Heechul says he had to quit social media after seeing netizens post malicious comments following the passing of Sulli and Hara


Heechul expressed his shock towards malicious commenters who continued posting after the deaths of his close friends Sulli and Hara

He appeared on the April 20th broadcast of jTBC's 'Love of 7.7 Billion' where the panelists discussed the topic of malicious commenters. Heechul talked about Sulli and Hara, saying: "I was close with both friends and what made me the angriest after what happened is that people divide genders to fight. Men post sexually harassing comments and shame them while women call them an embarrassment to women all while blaming each other and putting each other down. They ripped each other apart and this happened. I was shocked to see the comments when I went online to post a condolences post." 

He continued, saying: "I thought that I wanted to be a celebrity for the rest of my life, but it was bad enough that I asked Shin Dong Yup for advice. I was so angry, I cut off all SNS. Whenever I would see the comments it would make me angrier. The friend that left me not too long ago (Sulli) said she was going on a program talking about malicious comments with Shin Dong Yup. I was worried about her, thinking if her mental would be ok but she seemed so happy after appearing on the program. I think the energy of working through things with other people was good after losing self-esteem and thinking that she was a person who wasn't needed in this world. After talking to hyung (Shin Dong Yup) and the fans, she realized she was needed. She won through it all bravely and just waited for the day of filming. All her friends know that." 

After hearing this Shin Dong Yup started tearing up and said, "I still remember that time, it hurts me so much. I asked her, 'When were you the happiest?' She replied, 'There was never a time where I was really happy.' How difficult it must have been for our friend to say she was never really happy."

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borahae6,485 pts Monday, April 20, 2020 2
Monday, April 20, 2020

I strongly believe in karma as in the energy that you emit will come back to you 200% the strength. so all the POS that are malicious commenters who kept their nasty attitude even after Sulli and Hara left will get it aaaaaalllll back. and their computer screens and sofas won't protect them.


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Winston4,091 pts Monday, April 20, 2020 14
Monday, April 20, 2020

its sad the goal of the program she was in, was to end all hate comments, but it never did, and the program ended instead, i think the haters probably felt happy, thinking they got the last laugh and "won".

truely sad, plus now this Nth Room scandal, i think justice in Korea for women is really like a joke.


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