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A netizen shares their encounter/impression with other fandoms from attending multiple-artist concerts


Many K-Pop fans are feeling down with so many concerts being cancelled and postponed this spring/summer, and one netizen decided to chase away their blues by recalling some of their past concert experiences!

A fan who has attend various "super concerts" or concerts featuring multiple artists in its the lineup (they did not specify which fandom they personally belonged to), this netizens shared some of their personal impressions of the 4 K-Pop idol fandoms she recalls encountering the most during her "concert seasons". 

1. Melody (BTOB's official fanclub)

"In the standing area, there was a big male fan who pushed an elementary school girl to get to the front, and the elementary schooler fell. A lot of people were just standing around going 'OMG' but one Melody came and stood the young girl up, and then hit the male fan in the back of the head, demanding that he apologize. I mean she really scolded him, it was really cool... Melodys I've seen remind me of Sung Bo Ra (from 'Reply 1988'), they're really reliable unnies, but not in a scary way." 

2. EXO-L (EXO's official fanclub)

"There was one time in the standing area where some totally rude fan was holding the biggest fan, and nobody could see the stage so everyone was like, 'Take the fan down' but they didn't listen. And then one EXO-L who was right beside that person literally just snatched the fan out of their hand and threw it off to the side somewhere kekekekekeke. That person was so baffled but the EXO-L was just like if you're pissed then just leave, and everyone was so 'In your face!' and relieved. Honestly the nice EXO-Ls seem like they're super straightforward and outspoken, and they're totally 'inssa'. (short for 'inside people', slang term referring to people who are well-aware of the latest trends.)

3. ARMY (BTS's official fanclub) 

"There are so many foreign ARMYs at those concerts. During the entry line there was one foreign ARMY who asked some staff a question in English but the staff didn't know how to speak English. So the line was being held up and the staff was pretty baffled but then there was a Korean ARMY behind me and they went up and translated for the staff... they were so cool. I mean that wasn't the only time I've seen ARMYs translating for other foreign ARMYs, they don't just translate English I've seen some ARMYs helping translate for some really hard language like German... In the ARMY fandom it seems like they have some fairly smart people, like if you're having an argument with them you're totally gonna lose?"

4. Carat (Seventeen's official fanclub)

"My seat was on the second floor and I went and saw that a Carat was sitting in my seat so I told them and they were so surprised... They checked their ticket right away and apologized so many times as they gave me back my seat. So after they left I was just arranging my stuff in my seat and then they came back, and they apologized to me again and handed me like two handfuls of so many snacks? They also ran away kind of quickly after handing me the snacks kekekekeke. So cute kekekeke. Carats are so cute and bright, and a lot of them seem like quiet people at first but then they can get really loud suddenly!"

Seeing the above post, other netizens also jumped in, recalling some of their experiences with other fan clubs!

Some comments regarding EXO-Ls included, "If you're next to an EXO-L during those concerts, you will always get something. Like snacks", "That's why other fandoms call EXO-Ls 'Doraemons' kekekeke, they even have extra lightsticks to lend kekekeke", "One time an EXO-L was like, 'It's cold, put your jacket on!' to me kekekeke", "Aeries though, whenever there's some event involving EXO they like hold their own picnic kekekeke, they bring so much food to hand out", and more!

Others also added, "I remember during some year-end festival last year the staff wasn't letting in these fans for like a smaller group performing toward the beginning? Those fans were really upset, thinking that they wouldn't be able to see their group perform... and so the ARMYs somehow pushed them all the way up to the front just in time to see them", "The comments here are all so cute. I guess when you meet people in real life their images are totally different from the 'bad' image that fandoms have online kekekeke", "Seriously though, even if the fandoms have petty arguments online all the time, once you see them at concerts they're usually really nice and everyone exchanges freebies", etc! 


Do you have any unique concert experiences with other fans or spectators?

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vxntage290 pts Wednesday, April 8, 2020 4
Wednesday, April 8, 2020

if different fandoms can be nice to each other in real life, then they can be nice to each other online too. i know it’s easier to be rude while you’re sitting behind a screen, but try not to as much as you can. if someone drags down your favorite group or idol, don’t respond by dragging down theirs. don’t make fun of people for preferring one concept over another and don’t act superior for liking a more popular group. don’t engage in fanwars. in conclusion, be a nice person offline and online!


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Lisa_Lalisa97256 pts Wednesday, April 8, 2020 0
Wednesday, April 8, 2020

I wish toxicity among all fandoms fade away some day 😔 kpop can be a brighter thing then



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