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Rapper Simba Zawadi from 'Show Me the Money' disagrees with revealing names of the 'nth room' participants


Rapper Simba Zawadi expressed his protest against revealing the 260,000 that participated in the 'nth room'.

'Nth room' is a series of Telegram chat rooms that share illegal porn and violent videos exploiting women in exchange for money. The criminals created chat rooms, each holding hostage of the victims' personal information to make victims do whatever they or the users wanted. Users have to pay in order to access the chat room. Most orders were gruesomely sexual and violent, such as putting a pair of scissors in the vagina, making a brother rape his sister, and more. Out of 74 victims, 16 were underage. The youngest victim currently identified is 11 years old.

He protested the revelation of the 260,000 participants, saying, "Times like these, more than any others, you have to be coldly objective and not let your emotions get in the way." When netizens angrily protested his comments, he said, "Later on when your son or little brother accidentally watches the wrong type of porn, this case will serve to make a society that imprisons them for life or puts them on death row."

However, netizens were even angrier, commenting, "You're comparing paying a high price to watch videos that show rape and torture toward women to something like watching porn?", "If my little brother or son participated in something like this, he has to be punished," and more.

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k_kid5,663 pts Sunday, March 22, 2020 0
Sunday, March 22, 2020

Is this dude stupid or what? Watching porn is MUCH MUCH MUCH different from watching torture and rape of innocent victims. If his mother or older/younger sister was one of the victims, let's see if he still has that same energy in protesting the disclosure of the names. And plus, it's just name disclosure. He's acting like people are calling for a public hanging or something of these people... in which I would have no problem with, if it was legal. Well, one thing for sure is, his rap career is done now.



nunyabsnss5,168 pts Sunday, March 22, 2020 0
Sunday, March 22, 2020

Hmm, anyone who doesn't want to reveal the names of the chat room users are immediately suspect to me. Why would you want to protect these people who watched such horrific things? And according to some reports, you had to pay to enter this chat room, so it's highly unlikely somebody just stumbled upon this accidentally and even if they did, they didn't report it to the police which is something they should be shamed for too. Also, why should anyone care about protecting the identities of these people when they didn't give a damn about protecting these women and young girls. I rather we worry about protecting the victims and preventing these monsters from harming other women and young girls by revealing these chat room users and punishing them.



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