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Kim Se Jung denies fighting with Gugudan members


Kim Se Jung denied she left the Gugudan dorm 3 months ago because she fought with her fellow members.

The March 13th episode of 'I Live Alone' featured a day with Kim Se Jung at her own place, and she revealed, "It's been about 3 months since I left the dorm and started living on my own." Webtoon artist Kian84 then asked if she fought with her members, and she said firmly, "We didn't fight. Definitely not."

Kim Se Jung also revealed which cast member she wanted to see most, saying, "The member of 'I Live Alone' I wanted to see the most was Park Na Rae unni." 

In other news
, Kim Se Jung is releasing her debut solo mini album 'Plant' on March 17 KST. 

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Roslolian2,302 pts Friday, March 13, 2020 27
Friday, March 13, 2020

This may be an unpopular opinion but I don't think Se Jung getting her own place while her members stay at the dorm is a good sign at Gugudan chemistry and harmony between all members. Look at Twice, Red Velvet or Black Pink if everyone loves one another they would stay at a dorm cuz it is free and they can be with their girlfriends night and day. Pretty sure each member of Twice, RV and BP are all richer than all the Gugudan members combined but they all still live together in a dorm. If the rest of the Gugudan members including Mina who is the 2nd or arguably just as popular as Se Jeong are still living together and only Sejeong left then that is pretty sketch no matter if she denies she didn't fight with the members. Maybe she didn't actively fight but she probably didn't get along 100% with everyone. Of course some people will argue Idol groups move away from the dorm eventually but usually members do it at the same time and only a few remain in the dorm not just 1 person leaving and the rest staying.

I also find it a bit weird Se Jeong is living by herself away from her parents and family, she is only 23 years old I think she is one of the youngest idols I've seen living alone that can get kinda expensive cuz you pay rent, utilities and grocery all by yourself. Maybe she is a super neat freak and doesn't like other people dirtying her apartment. Or maybe she already see herself more as a solo artist than a GG member. Or maybe the Gugudan dorm is just super bad considering they haven't had a comeback in like 2 years. Whatever reason for her going to a solo place I don't think it bodes well for Gugudan fans.

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trogdorthe8th15,438 pts Friday, March 13, 2020 0
Friday, March 13, 2020

People may not like the baiting question, I get it, but unfortunately those types of questions make "good television" so they're frequently asked on these shows. Because more often than not, idols do tend to move out from dorms once they're financially able to do so as well as to get some personal space from each other. I still can't imagine how exhausting it must be for some idols to have to be so close to each other all the time, and then to have to go back to the same home together. Sometimes you just need your own space, nothing wrong with that at all.

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