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'Handsome Tigers' teammates shed tears as their journey comes to an end


On March 27, SBS's basketball variety program 'Handsome Tigers' came to an end as the celebrity basketball team met the end of their league tournament journey. 

On this broadcast, the 'Handsome Tigers' team faced off against a powerhouse team 'Uptempo' in the amateur basketball league's final 6 brackets. The team's ace Moon Soo In pulled his weight to the very last by leading in scoring, while guard Julien Kang provided sturdy support in the paint. Forwards Insoo and Seo Ji Suk took charge of the team's offense by heading their formations, and ASTRO's Cha Eun Woo demonstrated both his athleticism and focus by hustling for the ball, sustaining injuries, and tightening up the defense. 

However, ultimately the 'Handsome Tigers' team lost to 'Uptempo' by 12-points, bringing their league journey to an end. As the team returned to their locker room, coach Seo Jang Hoon stated, "You all worked very hard up until now. There's no need to feel down about losing today. Outside of winning or losing, your basketball skills improved greatly." 

Finally, he said, "I hope that we can come together as a team again once more in the future." 

One of the team's maknae members, model Jeon Ji Hoon, spoke up on behalf of the 'Handsome Tigers' as he expressed his disappointment at the team's disbandment. "I don't know if I'm in a position to say this, but I don't know that it's right for us to part ways like this just because of this loss." But Seo Jang Hoon firmly stressed that the conditions of this show were to disband once they were eliminated from the league. 

Once Seo Jang Hoon left the locker room, the 'Handsome Tigers' members all shed tears, looking back on their time spent as a basketball team. Even manager Red Velvet's Joy tearfully shared, "From one step back, I watched everyone work so hard and cherish one another, and cheered you all on sincerely. I honestly don't believe that today is the end. I hope that you call all come together again." 

Lastly, the 'Handsome Tigers's captain Lee Sang Yoon said, "I think we all wanted to see good results. Now that it's ended, it hurts." 

Were you a fan of SBS's basketball variety series, 'Handsome Tigers'? 

  1. Cha Eun Woo
  2. Julien Kang
  3. Lee Sang Yoon
  4. Shorry J
  5. Insoo
  6. Joy
  7. Seo Jang Hoon
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Saturday, March 28, 2020

I will miss this show 😭😭😭😭



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Saturday, March 28, 2020

what can you expect when one guy basically carrying all his teammates that missed most of the shot they make.


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