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Former Shincheonji members make shocking confessions about the cult on 'PD Note'


Former Shincheonji members have made shocking confessions regarding the cult and what to do if you're discovered to be a member. 

On the March 17 episode of MBC's 'PD Note', a former Shincheonji member revealed: "There's a dormitory only members can live at. You have to leave your house if you get caught as a member. They get a list of your roommates. They see that if your parents find out, you'll be harassed and exposed.

Another former member stated: "There is an organization amongst the new believers. There's even a special office and department to take care of these new members, and the new members are ranked from S to C depending on the member's situation. Also, there is a special group who manage the members and it's called 'Scouting' and they act like a police force. The scouting group checks the situation of each member, and give orders to the members. For instance, if they think that a member has to leave their home they force the members to leave their home, and check how many times they were scolded by their parents. They conduct investigations into your parents to figure out what they do. They have to record all the details. There is a specific guideline when you are caught by others."

Kim Jong Chul, a former member who worked in the administration of the scouting department, caused the most shock of all when he stated that they have crazy guidelines when members get caught, "If someone touches you, just fall or jump out of a window, hurt yourself..."

The two former members have also confessed that they made requests for personal protection in both video and handwritten letters in case something happens to them.

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dc222a1,150 pts Wednesday, March 18, 2020 1
Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Sounds like Korean Scientology. Ewe


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jokbal_is_yum3,576 pts Wednesday, March 18, 2020 0
Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Yeah...…….. not surprised, really.

The more we learn about this group, the more they sound almost like the Korean version of Scientology.



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