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Netizens discuss the wasted potential of B.A.P and PRISTIN and how their agencies ruined them


A popular community forum post placed a spotlight on two up and coming groups that could have hit it big but were sabotaged by their agencies.

Netizens have been chiming in to express their regret regarding PRISTIN and B.A.P, two talented groups that garnered many fans but eventually disbanded because of their labels. B.A.P had huge popularity overseas and had the potential to become a huge group.

B.A.P debuted in 2012 with a unique concept that immediately put them on the map as one of the groups to look out for. However, their label, TS Entertainment, did nothing but took the profits from the members while running them to the ground promoting. In November 2014, the group filed a lawsuit against TS, which was eventually settled in August 2015. The group had various released after that but eventually disbanded as the group lost a lot of momentum after the lawsuit. 

PRISTIN was also on the rise given that two of their members were wildly popular IOI members. However, the group stopped their activities in 2017 with no reasoning and broken fans' hearts when Pledis Entertainment disbanded PRISTIN after two years.

Netizens have been commenting on the post, stating: 

"B.A.P got first place on a music show even when they were going through their legal battle. The label rejected all variety show bookings and just overworked the group through overseas promotions."

"All of B.A.P's songs were legends..."

"If B.A.P had a better label, they could've possibly been BTS level."

"Pledis, I don't know when but you're going to regret it."

"Siyeon was Pledis's princess and trained for 10 years..."

What do you think of this? 

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Kirsty_Louise16,608 pts Monday, February 17, 2020 10
Monday, February 17, 2020

B.A.P had so much potential and were screwed by their own company. Bang Yongguk is one of my favourite idols, I'll never forgive TS Entertainment for the way they treated him and the other members.


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oconnorkpop50 pts Monday, February 17, 2020 0
Monday, February 17, 2020

B.A.P deserved a lot better. B.A.P. really had a lot of potential. they so talented, their music so great. Bang Yong-Guk's tone of voice and rap is damn COOL !!!! 👍



BTS, Jin, j-hope, RM (Rap Monster), 8eight, Lee Hyun
51 minutes ago   6   4,608
BTS, Jin, j-hope, RM (Rap Monster), 8eight, Lee Hyun
51 minutes ago   6   4,608

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